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I've had this mascara for several months now and it's actually almost dry, but for a time this was by far my most used mascara, despite my love for waterproof formulas. I would post it sooner, but I waiting for it to be posted on the other blog I write at. Why they decided not to post it, maybe they forgot, I don't know, but I'm not wasting a good review. Waterproof formulas are challenging to remove and even though regular formulas don't perform as well on my lashes as those, I use them when I want to give my lashes a break, though I must admit to you that I haven't actually purchased a regular mascara in years (and yet I currently have four). This mascara is absolutely stunning to look at, but the formula inside is pretty impressive as well, in fact so much that it managed to wow my cousin who absolutely hates mascaras with a plastic brush and that tells something (though she loves the Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension even more. I have a review ready of that one too). I already featured it one of my monthly favourites and I think that so far, this is the best regular formula mascara I used as far as my preferences go, but it has its little faults.

The brush is an oval thick one with short bristles. It's very similar to Max Factor's False Lash Effect (or Cover Girl Lash Blast) and it's another one that is a bit scratchy on my eyes, however, a lot less than Max Factor's, which I basically can't even use. I would prefer a regular brush, but I can put up with this one. 

The formula is thin from the start, but after a week or so it thickens and it gives an amazing amount of volume. It's the type of mascara with which you get a pretty natural result with one coat, but two or three give you big, glamorous lashes similar to Essence's Princess Lash, but unlike at that one, my lashes don't just drop down. It manages to lift my lashes a little bit, half way at most, but it's a lot more than any other regular mascara ever managed. This effect only started after the mascara was already a little bit drier, as long as it's new and wet, it won't hold a curl. I took the pictures in the first week when I got it because I felt like I need to hurry with the review, but the amount of volume almost doubled later. 

The packaging was clearly designed to impress. It's a mix of a red metallic effect with black lace and red velvet details. For the final touch they included a mini silver stiletto with a black bow. I think it's stunning. A black version with red lace exists as well with a different plastic brush. I'm thinking about trying that one as well, even though it's not waterproof.

It does have a downside, which is actually typical for plastic brush mascaras, and that is that it dries out fast. I got it in mid-September and it was almost dry in about three-four months.

(How lame will I sound if I say I have this picture as one of my wallpapers? Review of the blush here)

This is a mascara that kind of fits all tastes. With one coat you get natural, defined lashes, while two or three coats bump up the volume to the max and give you huge lashes. It's an expensive mascara (even abroad) and you can get a similar one for less money. That being said, it the only regular mascara that didn't make my lashes drop like a rock. It has the whole package -  a great formula with a gorgeous packaging, though I feel for most people it will be more like an occasional treat or lovely gift item rather than something they'll regularly repurchase. 

It cost 14.90 € on Click2Chic. International readers can get it on iHerb.

Have a great day!

*In case you didn't catch it in the text, I didn't buy the mascara myself.
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