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You may remember this little ball from my big pile of Physicians Formulas stuff from a couple of months back. I just have so many reviews to go through here and on the other blog that this slipped through the cracks, but no matter, it's here now (Slovene version has been up for a while now). The design is very similar to those EOS sphere lip balms that have been popular for at least a couple of years now, but this one isn't a lip balm in anyway, it's actually a tinted blush and cheek product.  I don't know about you, but I always fall for these cute designs, whether the product inside is good or not.

The shade is just as the packaging - adorable. It's such a sweet girly colour, but it's actually not the same shade on the lips or cheeks as you see in the container. It looks raspberry medium pink, but on the lips it's a light, almost Barbie pink that is semi-transparent. I don't think you can get a fully opaque colour out of this, so it actually may be a nice product for a young girl. This is more of a silicone based product, meaning it's not at all moisturising, which does suggest it was more intended to be used on the cheeks than on the lips. I would advise you use a lip balm under it when worn on the lips. 

On the cheeks that semi-translucent characteristic keeps the blush from being too bright and it looks far more natural. It performs better on the cheeks than the lips and creates that cute baby doll flush. The ball design makes the application easy, you need a couple of swipes and it blends ok with fingers, though you don't even need much blending so it's a nice product on the go.  

The packaging is obviously a sphere. The lid screws on, so there is no fear it may open. I'm not going to say that this is easy to hold and before you misunderstand me, I just mean that it can slip out of your hands because of the round design. It would be better if they decided on a rubbery outer layer instead of plastic, but it's fine, it's not a thing to fuss about to be honest.

It smells so good, like those candy raspberries from Haribo

I got mine from Click2Chic where it cost 8.91 € (I got it to review for their website), but international readers can get it on iHerb. Another shade exist called Natural Peach.

Have a great day!
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