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It's been quite a while since I promised some of you that I'll review this and honestly, I've been avoiding it. The reasons are that first it's a hair care item, which not a lot of people are interested in and the second that this just didn't do its job. It's a new dandruff treatment by Phyto that is quite unique as far as my experiences with anti-dandruff products go. I've tried most of Phyto anti-dandruff treatments before and so far they were the best ones, however, didn't completely help me get rid of the problem, just alleviated it. Funnily enough I had a sample of Phytosquam and it was very, very promising, but the full size product didn't deliver. 

I love the idea of this - it's a product that you apply on dry scalp, section by section, massage it in and leave it on for 5-7 minutes. It's only then that you add water and use it as a normal shampoo. The product has a handy nozzle applicator that makes it easy to apply the product on the scalp, the only problem is that it leaks, so I added a cap from a different product to avoid losing product. Unlike their anti-dandruff shampoos, which are very liquid, Phytosquam is an actual gel, so it feels closer to a normal shampoo. It has a strange scent that reminds me of burnt rubber, but it's not hard to put up with it. When it is on my scalp, I don't feel anything, so no tingling or anything similar. Once I add water, it emulsifies well, like a normal shampoo, which is surprising since Phyto's shampoos, don't foam well and when I rinse it off, it leaves my hair squeaky clean, which is not something I'm terribly fond off, but how else should it remove all the dandruff. Though it worked ok from the start, meaning that it removed most of the dandruff if I applied a thick coat of it, it started losing its effect on my scalp. What's more, not only did that coat of dandruff reappear the next day, now that I'm nearing the end of the tube, it doesn't even remove the dandruff any more. The only thing that I do notice a difference is that there is less itching going on, but it's not gone. 

I did exactly as the instructions said - used it for about two weeks every other day, which was a lot of washing for me since I have dry hair, but after I saw that the treatment didn't work, I started using it only every few washes so I'll use it up. I even started leaving it on for a lot longer than those 5 minutes and it still didn't work as expected. The tube has only 100 ml of product in it and it's almost gone now, but it did last those two weeks of thick applications, which I actually was worried that it won't. 

I liked the other Phyto anti-dandruff shampoos and loved the Phytopolleine, which unfortunately stopped working on me, but it was awesome while it lasted. However, I'm not a fan of Phytosquam. It started out well, but quickly stopped working the way it should and this was a very expensive product, so of course I'm disappointed. Still, if you're as desperate as me and in search of the remedy that will finally cure your dandruff, it's worth a shot, as it might work for you. But perhaps try first the other products for dandruff by Phyto.

I bough mine in Leposana (E.Leclerc Ljubljana) for 20.50 €.

Have a great day!
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