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A couple of weeks ago I went a bit cheek stain crazy and bought two. MeMeMe Poppy Tint, a dupe for the famous Benefit Posie Tint (which I also have in a sample size), and Alverde 02 Happy Pink.

In the bottles the colours look quite similar, Alverde just looks a bit more peachy. But swatched on my hand, you can notice the difference. Poppy Pink is a bright bubble gum pink and Happy Pink is a darker coral-pink shade. However on the cheeks, the difference is barely noticeable. Poppy Pink is a much more transparent shade and needs a lot of layering to achieve that discreet, fresh-looking pink flush. Alverde's is much more pigmented, but still it's a very hard colour to overdo. Like a lot of Alverde products, Happy Pink has a very odd scent, to me it's actually quite unpleasant. They both come in a nail-polish-like packaging with a brush. Poppy Tint is almost an exact dupe for Benefit's Posie Tint in every respect. I bought Poppy Tint on and Alverde Happy Pink in DM for about 4 € (it's a part of a LE, I just don't know the name). These are great if you are a bit blush shy and all you want is a discreet pink flush.

As you can see Poppy Tint left a much brighter stain on my hand after I wiped the product of with a tissue.

I treated myself with another Lush bath bomb, this time with Twilight. It has a very pleasant lavender-floral scent, I find it's stronger that at Dragon's Egg. First the water turns into a light pink shade, but then when it reaches the core, into the most beautiful light blue-green shade (I love those kind of shades), inside there also some shimmer, but not as much as with Dragon's Egg (try Google for more images).

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