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I've liked Fame by Lady Gaga fragrance since I first tested it, but I only got it recently because it had a nice discount in Müller. I've been really enjoying wearing since I got it, mostly because it has honey in it, loads of it and I love honey. However, this is not a full-on honey scent, but rather a lovely honey-floral fragrance with a strong fruity note in the beginning and a hint of smokiness from the incense. A new "push-pull" technology was introduced in this fragrance instead of the "regular" pyramid structure and the notes are belladonna, incense, apricot, honey, saffron, tiger orchid and sambac jasmine. 

It starts with a sweet fruity note, apricot, but to me it smells like grape juice. My family owns a vineyard and this is how freshly squeezed grapes smell to me. Almost immediately the sweet honey makes an appearance and takes the dominant role, while the floral notes and apricot are in the background, however, they are still quite strong. To temper the sweetness of honey and the fruity note, there is a smoky note, incense, which differentiates the scent from the rest of the celebrity fruity-florals that mostly have vanilla, caramel and/or amber notes, but in its essence it's still a typical celebrity scent.

Staying power is quite good, I'd say moderate as is the projection. It's an eau de parfum, which makes it more concentrated, however it's not too strong. 

I find the bottle so beautiful. I really like the design of the cap, even though it's plastic, but it sure looks cool. It looks like something an evil queen from a fairytale would have on her vanity. The liquid is black, well more of a really dark purple if you look towards the light, but it doesn't spray black, however I still wouldn't spray it too close on light clothes. 

Have a great day!
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