Tips Product of the Week #15 and Some Pictures from my Trip to an Amusement Park

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Get ready for me gushing about Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream again. I'm a massive fan of these, in fact, they are my absolute favourite formula of any lip product. But this week, one of them, Smooth Berry, passed the ultimate test with flying colours. I went on an all day trip to an amusement park (anyone from this part of Europe will know which, Gardaland), wearing this lip colour. It survived all day, with barely any need for retouching. This includes 10 hours of driving, me chatting (mostly to get through the at times awkward silence of a long drive), sightseeing, going on rides, eating and drinking. I reapplied it on two occasions, even though there really was no need to because most of the colour was still there except in the corners. It was more just to refresh the colour. Yes, I was very impressed, especially since these cost a reasonable 2.19€. I never felt like my lips were dry, nor did I use a chapstick. I think this colour works so well for me, but I would still love to see Essence bringing more colours to the range. There are only four and Smooth Berry is a dark rose-magenta shade. You can find the original review here (though this is a better swatch of itˇ).

And some pictures from that day taken with two different phones, not exactly top notch pictures, but they're have to do. The scenery is just stunning, especially the Aladin Palace, Fuga da Atlantide and Abu Simbel replica (Ramses: Il Risveglio).

 And me wearing my fun Halloween headband with "scary" pumpkins. They are super bouncy.

 Have a great day!
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