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This is the second February in a row that I'm all over this body spray. I'm talking, of course, about Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion and it might surprise you to learn that it doesn't actually smell all that coconuty at all. This is not a scent I'd wear to the beach or associate with summer. Not at all. This is actually a very warm and snugly scent that's more appropriate for winter. I tend to change my fragrances a lot depending on my mood and I sprayed this very liberally one day just because it was the nearest thing around me. I then started writing another post and all of a sudden I started smelling home-made cookies. You know those yummy vanilla crescents? Sniffing the air thinking that some miracle occurred and someone brought me cookies, I then realised it's me that smells so good. I smelled just like cookies. Which is cool in my book and I don't care what anyone says. It usually smells a bit sharper on me, a more perfumey vanilla with a hint of coconut, but on that day, my chemistry and this spray really got along. Coconut Passion is also a great fragrance for layering, particularly with Yves Rocher's Noix de Coco or L'Occitane's Ambre (that's how I wore it last winter) This is a strong scent and it lasts long on the skin, so the fact this body spray comes in a 150 ml bottle, means it should last you a while. 

I got this off eBay a while a go, but if you're from a country that has Victoria Secret shops, I'm sure it's easier for you to get a hold off. Slovene girls that can't order from abroad should check Salma if they have it in stock, but they have a ton of stuff there that aren't even available at the moment.

Have a great day!
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