Tips Product of the Week #5

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My first ever blush was this little gem, Nars Orgasm, which is probably the most popular blush in the last decade, I'm guessing also partly because of the cheeky name, and is the origin of the peachy pink trend. Many companies attempted to create a similar shade, but you can be the judge of how successful they were. I used to wear it every day during high school, after all it was my only blush for a long time, but has since been gathering dust in my blush drawer. I admit Coralista has steered me away into more coral toned blush territory for a while, but this week I dusted off my old friend and wore it every day. I am at my palest right now and this gives me a subtle, more pink than peach flush with finely milled golden shimmer that adds a bit of much needed radiance to the cheeks in the gloomy winter months. I have another Nars blush with a brazen name which itself makes you blush, Deep Throat, however that one is more pigmented and I need to use a light hand to pull it off.
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