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Pulse is the third and latest fragrance by Beyonce. I was immediately intrigued by the innovative design of the bottle.  Personally I absolutely love the bottle, it is just up my alley and looks great on my vanity. Unlike most perfume bottles, this one is turned upside down. The cap is plastic, it's just painted to make it look like metal, but it works just fine and I'm not at all worried that the fragrance would leak, even though it's turned upside down. 
Now to the actually fragrance: In the first couple of minutes after application I get a cocktail type of scent (curacao), fresh but slightly sweet. Then is start to develop in to a sweeter, orangey candy scent (think Britney Spears like). For Slovene readers I can describe it as similar to Fru Fru candy (the orange ones). Most foreign reviews say it smells like an orange creamsicle, but I can't say since we don't have those in our country (at least I think we don't). After about 10-15 minutes it becomes much less sweet and develops into a more floral-powdery type of scent. Unfortunately, even though it's a eau de parfum, the fragrance doesn't last long, I'd say somewhere around 3-4 hours (but it's already quite weak after 2 hours).

Top notes: pear blossom, frozen bergamot, curacao liqueur.
Heart notes: Bluebird orchid (used for the first time in a fragrance), peony, jasmine.
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, musk, precious woods.

Would I purchase it again? Yes. Because the bottle is bloody gorgeous (though the box it comes in is just hideous) and I like the scent, despite it's poor silage. I bought mine in Müller, 15 ml is around 17€, 30 ml is about 25 € and 50 ml is around 33 €. 

Thanks for reading!

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