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I am the worst when it comes to face masks. I always forget to use them and then remember it's been a month(s) since I used one or I use them only when I need to treat something. Plus, as someone who wears glasses, I find the whole leave-for-10+-minutes-thing utterly annoying. Therefore, I have neither used many nor do I own a lot of them. For years my choice for a clarifying mask was Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1, which I still love, but I saw how cheap Mint Julep Masque was and I read some nice reviews, so I decided to give it a go.

Packaging: First off, the tube is huge. Massive. Think something like John Frieda shampoos and conditioners. There is 226.8 g of product in it, which I'll probably use up sometime around 2055. For comparison, the Neutrogena one has 150 ml. It has a twist off cap, but I would prefer a flip one.

Texture: This is super thick. I mean thicker that toothpaste and actually difficult to squeeze out. It wasn't like that from the beginning, but after about a month it really became a chore to get it out of the tube. Despite the thickness, it's not that hard to apply and spread on the face. It looks just like that stereotypical face mask colour from all the cartoons and films: a dark mint green and it dries to a much lighter green. I can assure you that you'll scare everyone who should see you wearing it, or at least make them laugh hysterically. It says to leave it on for 15 minutes. It semi-dries in that time and certain areas are still damp, while other areas get super tight. For it to fully dry, I find I need to leave it on for at least 25 minutes.
Maja from Pink Maskara did a comprehensive review including pictures of her wearing it here. That's dedication to a blog people! Click on the link and follow her because she really deserves it, also her skin is different than mine, so it will help to get another perspective. I actually bought the mask because of her. The same goes for Sanja and her version.

Scent: It smells all right. Minty, obviously and something like Orbit green gums. I prefer Neutrogena's.

Results: It's an average clay based clarifying mask. But that exactly what I expected for the price. I never notice much difference after using them since I skin is quite clear and healthy (I don't tend whine about my skin. Having someone in my family go through a horrible acne experience puts everything in perspective). Some reviewers report a drastic reduction in blackheads, but I don't notice any difference nor have I noticed a reduction in pore sizes. And I can't report about whether it dries up/heals breakouts as I haven't had any since I bought it. Clarifying masks draw out impurities and that's why it's nice to use it once in a while, even if your skin isn't oily or spotty and that's why I use them. I did find it too drying on one or two occasions, but mostly it was fine even for my combination-dry skin. Honestly, don't find it as nice for my skin as the Neutrogena one. The latter doesn't dry as much, but my skin still feels clean, more healthy and radiant. It is a but more expensive, but easier to get and better suited for someone whose skin is drier.

Price and availability: You probably won't get a better deal than this mask. 226 g cost less than 3€. Mine is from iHerb since it's not sold here, which means an additional 4$ (3€) for shipping. It's great for someone on a budget.

Clarifying masks are such a staple product no matter your skin type. If your skin is very oily and spotty, give this a go. Actually every one who is on a budget or just doesn't want to spend much on a clarifying mask might want to give it a go (and it's a lot cheaper than those in packets). It is basic and affordable, I can see why people love it and yet it is not my favourite.

Have a great day!
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