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I've made quite a few repurchases in the past couple of weeks and I just thought I might made a little post about it. These are either my favourite products (of the moment) or I just haven't find anything better yet. 

I managed to get one of the last bottles of LE Balea's Traum Geschöft shower gel and a small version of deodorant. I've been repurchasing it since it was released last summer as I simply adore the scent. It's such a lovely peach smell. Why does it have to LE? 

I got yet another bottle of L'Occitane's Amande shower oil. I've been repurchasing it since 2007, I stopped counting how many bottles I've actually gone through. Seriously the most awesome scent and product ever, too bad it's so expensive. I wish they made a fragrance with this exact scent.

My fourth bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O in a row. A great and gentle make up remover that literally feels like water. It doesn't perform that well, when it comes to waterproof mascara though. For that I'm using Maybelline's remover for waterproof make up (another repurchase, but it's not in the picture).

I got another SauBär lavender spray, so I have one at home and one in Ljubljana. I'm still so in love with this scent. I'm not sure if this was LE or not, as I got the last bottle in my nearest DM (I sure hope it's not!).

I've raved a lot about Alverde's hair oil and I bought one more bottle for my mum. I still love it and I use it everyday (I have very dry hair though). It tames the frizz and makes my hair so shiny like from a Pantene commercial.

As I've already wrote in my previous post, I got another Stay All Day concealer by Essence, but this one in the darker shade (20 Soft Beige). It's still quite light, but it matches my skin perfectly now that I'm self tanning. 

I'm not a fan of make up wipes, but the only ones I like using are from Speedy Care. The are very gentle and soft, they contain camomile (quite high on the list of ingredients actually), vitamin E and other good stuff that I can't remember right now. Plus they're quite cheap.

Preven's Antiseptic wipes are always in bag. This is the large version, but they also have smaller packagings with different scents (these ones smell like mint).

And what do you find yourself repurchasing over and over again?
Thanks for reading!
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