Tips Review: Orofluido Shampoo, Conditioner and Shine Spray

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This (and apparently last) month, Studioma had an offer - for 26 € you got Orofluido shampoo, conditioner and shine spray. As I love the scent of their serum, I wanted to try out the rest of the products from the range (here is a link to the Orofluido web page, if anyone is interested). I've already raved about the scent in one of my monthly favourites posts (also for review of Orofluido Beauty Elixir click here), but as lovely as the scent is, it just doesn't last on my hair (which is weird, because other say it lasts on their hair). The scent of all the products is the same as of the serum, an oriental mix of vanilla and amber. They all contain argan oil (which is supposed to strengthen the hair and make them light and silky), cyperus oil (gives natural protection against free radicals, makes hair soft and voluminous, manageable, smooth and flexible) and linseed oil (seals and smooths the hair cuticle, gives shine). They come packed in the most beautiful boxes ever, which are mat black with a glossy pattern, I actually keep them on the shelf as a decoration. All three have extremely useful and practical packaging, the conditioner has a pump (can I just say brilliant), the shine spray comes in a glass bottle and sprays a very fine mist.

Starting with shampoo. I like this shampoo a lot. The scent is just right, not to strong not to weak, it foams nice, doesn't dry out my hair or make them greasy. My hair is very dry, so I wash them once a week and even then they aren't that greasy. It's a gel like consistency and it's amber colour. Thankfully it doesn't irritate my scalp (a lot of other shampoo's do), that's why I like it so much. All in all a lovely shampoo.

Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner left me a bit unimpressed. It's not that moisturising as I'd like, but I do have extremely dry hair, so perhaps it works great on hair that aren't as dry as mine. It has medium thick consistency, it's almost a bit runny. I'll give this conditioner another chance and just apply more, maybe that will do the trick. But overall I have to say that my hair is a lot more shiny and smooth.

The shine spray gives a lot of shine and has the strongest scent of the three (it's almost like a perfume). I like it a lot, but the amount you get is quite little (50ml).

Ingredients of Orofluido shampoo:
Ingredients of Orofluido conditioner:
Ingredients of Orofluido shine spray: 

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