Tips Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking (+ reswatches of Unapologetic, Fiery and Enchanting)

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I feel that the era of chubby lip pencils has been already gone for a while, but I'm sure most of us are still keeping a few in our drawers, just maybe a bit farther back. I got this shade in My Beauty Box, a rather generous content considering these balms alone retail 11.49 € here (box with 5 random items costs 12€. It was an April one so no point in posting the contents). My other shades include Unapologetic which is one of the original shades like Striking, plus I have two of the "newer" shades Enchanting and Fiery. I still find these are some of my favourite drugstore matte formula, though you don't exactly get the properly matte finish like at Colourpop Matte X formula, but these are comfortable and nicely pigmented. Since I'm already doing a review for Striking, I just decided to reswatch my other shades too.

I've talked about the formula of these before, but it's quite a silicone-y feeling formula, meaning it's very smooth when you apply it and almost slippery. All shades are nicely pigmented, they just glide on the lips without skipping and they don't emphasise dry patches. Even Unapologetic which is quite old by now, still performs perfectly, so you can rest assured these don't dry and become all crayon like. The finish is satin, so as I said in the intro you don't get a real matte finish and they transfer like a regular lipstick.

Staying power isn't exceptional, but these last ok on the lips if you don't eat or drink a lot. The pen format makes them easy to reapply, so that's convenient. The packaging is one of those pens that luckily wind up, so no sharpening is needed. On the other hand it also means that once the top is blunt, you lose much of the precision.


Striking is a warm, strawberry red. I think Standout is the cool toned version of red in this range.


Enchanting is a peachy nude. I'm NC/W10, so if you're anything above that, it'll look paler on you.

Unapologetic is a bright pink coral and a dupe for Mac's Impassioned. I bought it online because I think it's still not sold in Slovenia, while the new shades they added in autumn are. 


Fiery is a warm, deep red and I think it's the darkest shade in this line, however, don't let the packaging fool you. The actual shade is lighter and warmer than the packaging indicates, so to me this is more of an entry level burgundy. I have a comparison with several such shades here.

These are sold in drugstores and cost 11.49 €. I hear Elusive is quite popular and looks similar to Mac's Please me.

Have a great day!
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