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Revlon Colorstay foundation and I have a past that extends far beyond my blogging years. In fact it was my second foundation I ever bought and the first one that was actually light enough for my skin tone. But that time I bought the version for combination/dry skin and as someone with unblemished skin looking just to hide some redness under my eyes and sides of the nose, it proved to be way too much for me. I was searching for something natural that would just even out my skin and Colorstay doesn't fit into this category. To be fair, the reason I got that foundation the first time was the shade, which were impossible to find in pale enough versions back then and things aren't much better yet, so I got it again for the same reason, however, this time I went for a normal/dry version which is a much better fit for me.

Texture: It's a liquid foundation that has a runny, yet somewhat medium thick consistency. It's been a while, since I had the oily skin version, but I think this one feels lighter and it blends easily. I've tried all types of methods for application (fingers, brushes and sponges) and it works well with all.

Coverage: I like to use thin layers and that way get light-medium coverage, but it's of course capable of more, at least a medium coverage if you use a "regular" amount of foundation and with a second coat you get an almost full coverage, but my darker freckles are still visible. The coverage reminds me of Nars Sheer Glow.

Finish: Surprisingly it's satin-matte and it stays like that almost until the end of the day. Judging from the name, I would expected a glowy finish and a tacky, moisturising formula, however, this is anything but. In fact, I would consider this more as an oily skin foundation. I don't feel it's drying, but it's definitely not moisturising and the satin matte finish looks so good. I must say that I'm impressed. By the way my skin is normal-combination and my forehead does get a bit shiny during the day (I'm not bothered by that), but with this foundation I get no sign of any oiliness. 

Shade: I picked up the shade Ivory which is almost identical to Rimmel's' 010 Light Porcelain, but maybe less pink. It's got a cool undertone, though I don't find it too intense like at Nars Siberia. Buff is supposedly its yellow toned equivalent, unfortunately the sample was empty so I can't be sure. Based on my research of our drugstores, this is one of the lightest, if not the lightest foundation colour we can get in Slovenia. It used to be only sold in one place here, but now it's much more readily available. 

Staying power: It's very impressive. This lasts almost the entire day. It's doesn't look as pretty as when applied, it actually looks a bit cakey-ish (not too terrible), but it definitely sticks on all day. Impressive. 

Packaging: 2020 Update: They've upgraded the packaging some time ago. It's still in very similar glass bottle, but with a different writing and now it has a pump. Well done Revlon, it's only two decades late.  
Old review: A heavy glass bottle with no pump and quite a big opening which makes getting the right amount of foundation out very challenging. The fact that there is no pump is one of the most irritating things ever and the more I use it, the more I hate it. It's not like the foundation is too thick to have a pump, I just think they are trying to economize. However, I have seen some versions with a pump, but I'm not sure if that is just a regional thing or an actual newly updated packaging. I remember transferring my first Colorstay foundation into an empty bottle of a L'Occitane serum because I was so bothered by the lack of a pump. 

Scent: It's got kind of a chemical-paint like scent that's trying to be powdery. It's definitely more subtle that at the combination/oily version. Granted it's been almost a decade since I had that foundation, but I remember how off putting the scent of the first Colorstay was to me. It was like paint mixed with alcohol and I wondered if I got a bad one, but this one is much better.

Ingredients: Picture here.

Price and availability: Update 2 2020: Mine is now from, where it's 13.49 €. I guess some things do change for the better.
Old review: I don't recall this being so expensive when I first got it, but regular price in Műller is more than 15 €. Crazy. I bought it when they had a discount, but this is cheaper online. 

Also old, so ignore the pump part. Pictures are from 2020: This is a lovely foundation. Of course it has it's shortcomings, the lack of pump being the most noticeable one, but I love the finish of it, the staying power, the coverage and of course, the shade fits me well. It's a foundation that is a bit heavy for my liking and doesn't look as natural as Bourjois foundations, but I like how it looks when I use thin layers. There is a reason this foundation has been so popular over the years and I think it deserves the hype. If you like fuller coverage foundations, you'll like this one. 

Have a great day!
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