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I was terribly excited when I first heard that Revlon is launching a matte version of their pencils and I patiently awaited their arrival in our neck of the woods. Swatches were popping up all over and Unapologetic caught my eye, so I had my mind set on getting only this shade, however, when they arrived in our drugstores, a very limited shade range was offered with my chosen shade missing. You know what happens in that case - I take my money elsewhere and this time it was Boots international where I even got this one for "free" since it was a part of the 3 for 2 offer. As soon as I opened the box, the pretty bright coral-pink pencil appealed to me.

Texture and finish: It's a very smooth and creamy matte lipstick that glides on the lips with ease.  The application is very comfortable and fast due to the shape. The finish is not completely matte, it's more of a creamy-matte, which will appeal to those who usually find matte lipsticks too drying.

Shade and pigmentation: It's a bright, coral-toned pink, though, it's a strange shade on me, since on my lips it can look either warm or cool toned. I think it screams summer. It's very easy to get full opacity and it mostly takes just one swipe.

Staying power: I was disappointed by the staying power of this product. Most matte lip products I've tried are some of the most long lasting products, but due to the creaminess this one wipes off so easily that it doesn't survive eating or drinking and it fades completely by itself in about 3-4 hours. At around 2 hour mark I already feel the need to reapply because it's too faded. It also doesn't wear off evenly and leaves a ring of colour. Having said that, it one of the easiest bright shades to reapply due to the shape and creaminess.

Packaging: A fat pencil with a twist-up mechanism. It's easy to use and apply precisely, however, I have a feeling that when the tip gets blunt, it'll be much harder to get a crisp line.

Scent: A strong minty scent upon application and it has a slight cooling effect on the lips.

Price and availability: I got mine on Boots international website because our drusgtores don't carry this shade. It was £7.99, here Colorburst mattes costs about 10€.

It's not amazing, but still a nice drugstore lipstick-pencil, especially for those who like matte finish and wish to avoid the unpleasant dryness. The colour is cute, in my opinion the cutest in the Colorburst matte bunch, however, I actually prefer MAC's Relentlessly Red when it comes to these bright pink-coral shades. It's a nice shade to wear in the warm part of the year and it feels very comfortable on the lips.

 Have a great day!
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