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Pink About It is one of the shades in Revlon's Matte lipstick collection (my review of Pink Pout can be found here). I find that Revlon's Matte formula is one of the best ever. These lipsticks feel so smooth and (unlike most other matte formulas) don't dry out my lips. Also the colour lasts for hours and wears off gradually leaving a lovely stain behind. Pink About It is a beautiful coral red shade. It's in my books one of the prettiest coral shades with no orange whatsoever. The packaging is also one of my favourites. It's very sturdy and I love the fact it's matte. It's quite expensive for a drugstore lipstick, I paid 8,81 € in Ilirija, but the quality is simply amazing.

 And here are both lipstick I own: Pink Pout on the left and Pink About It on the right.

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