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I've actually been eyeing this shade, so I'm happy I got it in February's Beauty Box. It looks like a mix of red and purple, but on the nails it's unfortunately a lot more red. It's basically a typical burgundy shade and a very similar (if not the same) shade as Revlon's Parfumerie nail polish in Bordeaux

Formula is quite thick for a red and it wasn't the easiest to apply nicely, but I managed it. The brush is thin, just like at Parfumerie line. I like the brush and dislike it at the same time. The application is much more precise and I don't make a mess on my cuticles, but it takes twice as long to apply the nail polish. The bottle hasn't changed one bit, since I got my first Revlon nail polish in 1997, I guess we can call it retro now, so it's cool again. I lasted well on my nails just as all other nail polishes.

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