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I known I'll end up sounding very shallow, but I bought this nail polish mostly because of the packaging, so would keep it displayed in a decorative plate I have placed on my vanity. I was also intrigued by the idea of scented nail polishes.

Bordeaux is as the name suggests a burgundy wine shade, so a deep red with a bit of purple hues in it. I love this type of shades, I think they look so classy. A similar shade I own is Essence 113 Do you Speak Love, it just lacks the purple undertones.
The formula is nice as at most red nail polishes. One coat can be enough, but I apply two coats for an even and opaque application. The brush is smaller than I'm used to, though I don't find that fact annoying since my nails are quite narrow. I know a lot of people find the round handle impractical, but I have no problems with it and it's easy to work with.

I heard that these nail polishes have a very strong scent that lasts, but at this shade I barely detect any scent at all. You have to wait for the nails to dry for the scent to appear. It's a very nondescript scent, maybe they tried to imitate the scent of Bordeaux wine, but it's a bit too fruity sweet for a wine scent (then again I'm from Dolenjska. The only wine scent I'm really familiar with is of Cviček, so what do I know). In the scent department this is a disappointment, I was looking forward to lovely smelling nails as strange as this idea may sound. 

Parfumerie nail polishes cost 6.99 € in Müller.

Have you tried any of the Revlon's Parfumerie nail polishes?
Have a great day!
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