Tips Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lipliner Pencil in Black Tulip

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When I bought Rimmel's Kate Matte lipstick in 107, which I wore pretty much every day all winter, I instantly went on a search for a matching lip pencil, since 107 is one of the most difficult colours to apply nicely. The problem is not in the formula, but in the colour - every mistake shows. Based on my Google search I decided on a lip pencil also by Rimmel, called Black Tulip.

Colour: when I was looking for a matching lip pencil in our drugstores, they all looked too brown. I hoped that with Black Tulip this wouldn't be the case, but unfortunately it has some strong brown tones in it. Basically it's a deep burgundy-brown shade, darker than Rimmel's 107, but closer to Rimmel's Apocalips in Eclipse except more brown. Worn alone on the lips, I'm must admit, I'm not a fan of this shade and I also don't like the Black Tulip all over the lips with Rimmel's 107 on top combo as it makes it look too dark. But it works well just as a "fixer" in a sense where I wear 107 on the lips and then just fix the lip line to make it more even. It is a shade darker, but worn in that way, it's not that apparent.

Formula: It's one of the harder pencils, but not as hard as Bourjois'. Worn alone on the lips it is very matte and looks super drying making it not the best look. But worn just around the edge of the lips, it works fine. 

Staying power: It's nothing special. Much like 107 it wears off too fast for my taste, but it still lasts a few hours.

Price and availability: I got it on Feel Unique for 3.89€, but it should be available everywhere where Rimmel is sold.

Though it's not a perfect match for 107, it still works ok and it's a nice pencil especially for the price. However, I would still like to find something better.

Have a great day!
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