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Everyone who is as pale as me will know how hard it is to find really fair shades to match their Snow White complexion, especially in the drugstore range. 010 Light Porcelain is a very pleasant surprise as far as the shade goes, but in terms of texture and coverage, I think there is room for improvement. 
Texture: A typical liquid foundation that feels light and is runny. If I make a comparison with Bourjois Healthy Mix, which has a similar texture, Rimmel's feels greasier to me and takes a bit longer to blend, it lacks that smoothing effect that Bourjois' has. I finds it applies best with a sponge, however, then it's difficult to get much coverage.

Coverage: Honestly, according to reviews I expected a medium coverage, but this isn't it. It has light, maybe light to medium coverage. It only evens out the skin, but that's it. Also layering doesn't do much more covering. You can see on the pictures that there is very little difference between without and with the foundation. There is a bit of covering of the redness around the nose and circles, but not much. Also freckles still peak though.

Finish: It's shiny from the start and it needs a long time to set, leaving the skin sticky and tacky for ages (my major pet peeve). Once it sets, it leaves a satin finish, though it still has a bit of a glow. I always use a powder on top because I dislike feeling of tackiness and powder helps to it set faster. Without the powder, my T-zone gets shiny fast, something that doesn't happen often to me.

Colour: It is one of the lightest I found and similar to Dior's BB 001, so a pink toned very pale shade. It's a nice match for me, maybe a smidgen too pink, but blends in well in my skintone and doesn't look out of place. Interestingly, the matching concealer, Match Perfection 010 Ivory (the lightest in the bunch), is not just yellow toned, but also darker.

Scent: It has a pleasant fresh, cucumber-melon scent.

Packaging: I already shared my frustration in my New In post about how my bottle arrived without a pump. I replaced it with one from an empty L'Occitane Rice fluid (which works excellently), so I can't really comment on the packaging other than it's a glass bottle and I don't know how well the original pump works.

Price and availability: I got mine on Asos, luckily with a discount and paid 6.07 €. I believe Rimmel is widely available everywhere, except Slovenia (don't get me started), but you can also find it on Feel Unique, just not the lightest shade.

It a nice foundation, but I expected more coverage. The shade is great, however, if you're not a budget and are looking for a similar shade, I prefer Dior's BB in 001, as I find it looks better on the skin and the coverage is similar. I don't like how tacky it feels and that it needs so long to set, but not everyone is bothered by such things. I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin, since even my combination skin gets an oily T-zone fast without a powder. All in all, if you're looking for a really pale shade in the drugstore, then go for it, but if I rate it from 1 to 5, I give it a 3.5 .

The Match Perfection concealer, however, is absolutely excellent and one of my favourite ever concealers.

Have a great day!
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