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If you read the post about My Beauty Box unboxing first, then you know this lipsticks was in it. Since they plan to include Rimmel in their selection, people at My Beauty Box included it in my December box. Moisture Renew is actually an old line of lipsticks by Rimmel, but it was revamped about two years ago. As the name suggest these are supposed to be moisturising and judging from this shade, I agree. Check Fleur's post for swatches of these lipsticks.

Texture: The lipstick is richly pigmented, lightweight, very balmy and comfortable to wear. The finish is almost glossy, which at such a dark shade is not my preference as it can get messy (still a matte girl), but if you're looking for a moisturising vampy shade, this was made for you. I have a feeling these may have a lot less wax in them than lipsticks usually contain, as it reminds me of Revlon's Ultra HD lipstick. So basically it's another type of lipstick that you can wear as a substitute for a lip balm, however, I have read some reviews of these and I think the lighter shades might not be as moisturising as darker ones.  

Colour: The name pretty much says it all - it's a plum shade. It's like a deep burgundy with strong violet tones and a great vampy shade for the colder months. The closest shade I found is Maybelline's color Drama Lipstick in Berry Much. Due to the type of the texture, it's a very simple shade to wear as a stain. 

Staying Power: Here we have a combination of a dark shade with a very creamy formula, which means both of these features kind of cancel each other out and you get an average wear. It won't last all day, but it also won't disappear in an hour, proving of course that you don't eat or drink as this transfers a lot. As I said before if can get messy, especially at such dark shades, as this is a very creamy formula that has a lot of slip.  

Scent: It has quite a strong scent of Nivea cream. I find it pleasant.

Packaging: Reminiscent of Maybelline's lipsticks, so a plastic silver tube and a semi-clear violet cap. It's not the most high-and looking, but for the price it's ok.

Price and availability: These aren't yet available on My Beauty Box, but it'll probably happen soon. All of those who don't live in Slovenia can probably just walk into the nearest drugstore and get it. Feel Unique also sells these for about 9 €.

I think the formula of these will be a winner for all of those who always suffer from dry lips. I would stick to lighter shades, just because the more creamy the lipstick, the more chance of a mess it is. But if you like glossy, vampy shades this one is worth a try. I was thinking once about getting the shade Vintage Pink, which is the type of colour that is very in now, so that 90's like muted rose.

Have a great day!
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