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Magnetic nail polish trend has been gone for a few years now, but I've only recently tried my first one. I must say it's fun, but they won't sway me from my classic creamy finishes. I got this one in a swap from Canada.

The magnet is included in the cap, the latter is actually in two parts, so you're applying the polish with a brush that has a smaller cap. The magnet has a build in guide that you rest on you cuticles and avoid touching the nail. You're supposed to apply one layer on all nails and let it dry completely, then apply a second thick one on one nail and quickly use the magnet before it dries. It works fast and sometimes you can see how it pulls the colours apart.

My shade is 906 Ionic Indigo. It applies greyish blue-teal, but when you use the magnet, the base colour is revealed as a dark blue violet. The magnet creates a wavy design with the original colour and it works really well. I was afraid it won't because I remember hearing a lot of these magnets are too weak, but this one is good. I have thin and smaller nails than most, so the effect isn't as apparent as it could be, but I also had some problems with larger nails as the magnet didn't work on the whole nail, but just the middle, leaving the outer corners unaffected.

 1 coat before using the magnet.

Magnet was used in different alignments. 

This is one of those very rare nail polishes that even I notice doesn't have quite the same staying power as others. But's it's a nice gimmick, I'll give it that.

These are about 4€ on eBay. Mine is from Canada and I assume these are sold in drugstores there.

Have a great day!
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