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About a month an a half ago I ordered three S-Factor hair products: A massive 750ml pot of ''Serious'' Conditioner, Smoothing Lusterizer and Flat Iron Shine Defender. I wanted to test them properly before I wrote any kind of a review and I have to say I am seriously impressed by all three.

First off the hair treatment. ''Serious'' Conditioner comes in two sizes. I ordered the 750 ml version which comes in a massive pot (see the comparison with the Fructis mask in one of the pictures). The packaging has handle and comes with a handy spatula. You get a lot of product for the price which is perfect for us long-haired girls. When I opened the pot, the first thing I noticed was the very unusual scent for a hair mask, but I really love it. It smells like Vademecum Junior Strawberry toothpaste, the one I used as a child. It's a very minty strawberry scent and it actually feels minty in a sense that your hands tingle even after you've washed the product of your hands. I like that a lot.

The consistency is super thick, like a body butter or even toothpaste - another feature I like. I just have a feeling that thicker masks will work a lot better. Even though it's thick, it's easy to apply. I use the spatula to get about a two-walnuts-size amount of product and apply it on a half of my hair and then repeat the process of the other side of hair. I apply the mask to about 2/3 of my length. You're supposed to leave it on for about 3-5 minutes, but I always leave treatments to work longer. I rinse it off after about 15-30 minutes. When you're rinsing it off your hair feels very soft and slippery. Despite it's thickness it rinses of completely and doesn't leave any residue on the hair. I always leave my hair to air dry. Once it's dry, it feels soooo soft. Not a lot of products have that effect on my hair (so far just Redken All Soft conditioner). I have very thick, coarse hair, when people touch it they usually comment if I've used hair spray even though didn't use it. But this conditioner makes a difference. Although they are not super soft, I do notice a significant difference. The scent lingers for about a day, I love how freshly minty my hair smells that day.

''Serious'' Conditioner is some seriously good stuff. I give it A+ rating. I recommend ordering it online, because you can get it a lot cheaper than in hair saloons.

Smoothing Lusterizer is basically a version of After Party, the only differences being in size (SL is 200ml which is double the amount of AP) and scent (though both are very fruity).

As the After Party, Smoothing Lusterizer is a great product for smoothing your hair, taming that annoying frizz and adding shine. The consistency is thinner that After Party's, but both are white pearly creams. The scent is yummy. It's a very candy fruity scent, identical to Kiki candy by Kra┼í and the same as TiGi's Papayarazzi lotion. 

You can use it on wet or dry hair and it doesn't make your hair greasy or weight them down. It leaves your hair just super sleek, shiny and smelling gorgeous. The design of the bottle is just genius and so unique (although so is After Party's), but in terms of functionality it leaves some room for improvement. I've just got a feeling it's going to be a pain getting those last ml out. I've read some reviews that it goes off relatively quickly, so I'm a bit concerned about that. However I would still give it an A+.

Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender is a heat protecting spray with a gorgeous scent. It smells like pears, apples and candy, I just adore the scent. It feels sort of oily so it instantly smooths, gives shine and makes your hair look very healthy (like you'd used a serum such as Orofluido). After straightening or curling your hair, it looks so smooth, even your ends look healthy. Unlike Schwarchkopf's Guardian Angel, which left my hair super sticky, this one performs brilliantly on my dry hair. The packaging is good, the nozzle sprays a fine mist and the clear plastic allows you to see how much is still left. You get only 125ml which is not a lot for the price (I paid 13,74 € on, but still the quality is superb. Another A+ product.

All in all I'm very satisfied with these products, despite the slightly higher price (try,,, etc.,... for lower prices). It's such a massive difference than using regular drugstore product (although you can find some gems in your local drugstore). I highly recommend S-Factor line if your hair need something more. I'll probably stick with S-Factor and get some other products because they really work well for my hair.

Thanks for reading!
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