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I finally caved. After all the raves in the make up community about BB creams, I couldn't resist ordering one for me. I decided to get Skin79's Pink Label version, because it's rated high on MUA and because it was quite cheap on eBay. Also I wanted something with a high SPF and this one has an SPF 25. I ordered it from this seller (based in South Korea) and I paid a bit over 10€ plus it came with a lot of samples. It took forever to arrive (a little over three weeks), but I blame our postal service (I think they lost my package from feelunique, because it's been over two weeks since I ordered it. I'm just livid right now).

The packaging is just brilliant. The colour is a bit bright, but it looks so cool. I got the smaller version (15g), because it took me years to use up my previous foundation. The bigger version (40g) is actually not that much more expensive, but I just don't need that much product also this one is much more travel friendly. The pump works great, you can easily get the amount of product you need.  

A lot of reviewers pointed out how grey it looks on the skin for the first 10 minutes, however, I find it adapts to my skintone (NC15 or NC20 if I'm self tanning) in seconds. The coverage is a bit more that an average tinted moisturiser, it's similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, but the latter still has a touch more coverage. It looks incredibly natural on the skin, nobody will notice you're wearing anything. It has quite a matte finish, I find it perhaps a bit too matte for my liking (I'm a fan of much more dewy finishes, the likes that Healthy Mix serum gives), so I use highlighter where needed. I have combination skin, with normal/dry cheeks and normal/a bit oily T-zone and I find this BB cream controls oil very well, I don't need to use any powder with this BB cream. It lasts quite long on the skin, certainly longer than HM Serum.

Here is a comparison of HM Serum and Pink Label BB cream. HM foundations run quite yellow and as you can see BB cream looks quite grey, however, as I said before, it adapts very fast at least on my skin (I have neutral undertones). Also it matches my skintone perfectly and you can't actually tell that I'm wearing anything on my skin. The consistency is quite thick, a lot thicker than any foundation I ever owned. 

I received four samples with purchase: BB Cleanser which is just brilliant and I'm seriously considering buying it, a sample of White Reviving skin radiance solution (I haven't tried it yet), another sample of Pink Label BB cream and a  sample of Gold Label BB cream which is supposed to be more suited for drier skin. After trying the sample I didn't notice much difference between the two, Gold Label has just a touch more dewy finish, so next time I'll probably go for the Gold Label version instead of the Pink one.

I quite like this BB cream (it is my first though). I'd prefer a more dewy finish, if Bourjois HM serum had such a high SPF that it would be ideal. However, I love the idea of an high SPF and a light coverage foundation combined plus I can just use highlighter if I feel like I need a bit more glow. This will definitely be my choice for the spring/summer months, in fact I've been wearing it every day since I got it. Here are the ingredients:

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