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I'm sure most of you have already heard about Sleek's Pout Paints. I've been patiently awaiting  the day they'll finally started selling them online and when it came, I ordered three shades - Milkshake, Peachy Keen and Cloud 9. For years I've been searching the perfect peachy shade for me and I decided to custom mix it myself. I was very much inspired by Katie's blog post which you can find here (and here is another post of hers about Pout Paints). I ordered them from the Sleek web site. The order took four work days to arrive, which is super fast. The only thing the bothers me is the super high shipping cost. They charge 9 € for signed for delivery which is more than one Pout Paint (7 €).

Pout Paints are supposed to be OCC Lip Tar dupe, personally I don't know because I don't own any Lip Tars. These are super pigmented, you literally only need a small dot of product. I use either fingers or lip brush (I have one from The Body Shop), both methods work just fine. They feel a bit like Soft Mat Lip Creams (both from NYX or Manhattan since they are essentially the same), they don't feel sticky, but just sort of creamy. They don't dry out my lips, but they aren't particularity moisturising either. Unlike Soft Mat Lip Creams these do transfer on the glass/bottle when you drink. I love the fact they have such a precise applicator and you can easily control the amount you want. The tubes are nice and sleek with see-through plastic, so you can see how much is still left in the tube. They last a really long time on the lips, much longer than your run-of-the-mill lipstick. They don't have any scent or taste. Here are swatches of all three and one where I mixed them:

Milkshake is a bright bubble gum pink. On me it looks super bright, but mind you I am very pale. Out of the three it is the most wearable.
Peachy Keen is a orange-peachy shade that by itself doesn't really look good on me. I bought it for mixing with other shades.

Here is a custom mixed shade I made. I used about and 1:1:0,5 mix of Milkshake, Peachy Keen  and Cloud 9.

And here is the result. I got a brighter and a bit peachier version of my favourite lipstick Hue by Mac: 
Thanks for looking!
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