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Many moons ago I promised you I'll update you about this scrub. Well, though I liked it from the start, I'm less happy with it now. After a couple of years of only using chemical exfoliators, I switched to manual ones because AHA's just became a bit scary to me, since I started noticing more freckles. I got this one purely based on raves reviews on Makeup Alley, but I've actually never seen it on any blog before. I've got a few problem areas that have harsh skin, mainly on my chin, sides of my nose and in the corner on my eyes, so I was hoping this will deal with that. 

Texture: It's a lotion- cream with a light, almost mousse/airy consistency and a shiny look (I hope you can see the "highlighter-like" reflect on the pictures). The scrubby bits are a mix of large orange particles with small densely-packed white polish particles and it's the latter do most of the polishing work. 

Performance: As far as scrubs go, this one is neither the harshest and neither the weakest one. The small scrubby bits make sure it's nothing like sugar or almond pits scrubs and you can feel it polishing the skin, so it's a bit like baking soda feeling, just bumped up a little, however, I don't get the feeling my skin is really smooth after use. Especially the more challenging parts that are constantly difficult to manages like my chin, sides of the nose and in the corner of my eyes, remains not properly scrubbed, while other areas are sufficiently polished. I actually prefer the other scrub I got since, Green Line Clear Active 4 in 1, but it's considerably harsher and I again don't have a feeling like my skin is really smooth, like when I used to use baking soda.

Scent: It smells like laundry detergent such as Ariel, Persil and the likes. Strange for Soap & Glory to have such a bland scent, as they tend to have such amazing perfumey scents.

Packaging: A white plastic tube that soft, so easy to squeeze. It has a flip cap, so it's easy to use.

Ingredients: Nothing special on the ingredient list, however, it is actually a product that doesn't contain soap (ingredients like SLS and SLES) and there is some salicylic acid, so theoretically it should clean the pores well too. 

Price and availability: I got it on Boots International for £9.00, so it's not exactly cheap, but the tube contains 150 ml, which is generous enough.

Greatest Scrub of All? I'm not convinced. For such I price, this wasn't my best purchase, though it's decent enough. I love Soap & Glory and they have some amazing products (I wish they were available here, but for now I'm just glad Boots International finally started selling S&G), but this kind of fell short of my expectations. It actually haa a very high rating on Makeup Alley, so I must be in minority. This might appeal to those who like scrubs that are fairly gentle and I think it should be ok on dry skin as well. I'm not completely happy with any scrub at the moment and my skin isn't as smooth as it used to be, so if you have any recs, let me know.

Have a great day!
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