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Essence released a lot of new products this Autumn. They revamped Colour & Go nail polishes, added a new Colour Arts collection and some new shades and products to their line. I bought four new products: nail polish in the shade 107 naughty and pink!, a clear lipgloss from Colour Arts line, a glowing in the dark topper polish and a pigment in the shade 06 Wow!That's Orange. 

I tried the glowing in the dark topper on one nail and it gives the colour underneath a slight violet hue. I haven't tried it under a black light yet.

The lipgloss is really nice. It has the same scent and feels like the Stay with Me line, which are my favourite lipglosses. It's actually my first clear lipgloss in years.

I like the new revamped nail polish bottles and I believe some of the shades are new as well. 107 naughty and pink is a bright pink shade. The pigmentation is fantastic, you get an (almost) full coverage in first coat. The brush is wider than the predecessor's and it's quite an improvement as it makes application easier and faster.

There are 20 pigments in the Colour Arts line, as well as a lipgloss, an eyeshadow base, a clear nail polish, a mixing spatula and little pots. I bought Wow! It's Orange for only one reason - it looked like it might be a fantastic lip colour. And it is. Even though, it looks orange in the pot, when swatched it looks almost neon pink but with some coral tones. On the lips it looks similar, not so neon, but still bright pink with a bit of coral. It's a very nice shade for those who aren't afraid of wearing a bit of colour. The swatch on the lips is quite accurate, it's just a bit more bright in real life. I apply lipgloss first and than dab the pigment using a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush (from TBS, I tried using a lip brush but it was to small and it didn't apply the colour evenly enough). The colour lasts really long, also be aware that it stains the lips. You don't need a lipgloss underneath, a lipbalm works fine, you just need something the pigment sticks to. Works well as a blush, but it is very pigmented so you really need the tiniest amount.

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