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Earlier this week I went to DM to pick up some essentials and while perusing the isles I stumbled across two absolute gems. Firstly, the Alverde hair oil which I saw for the first time and just reading the ingredients made me happy. It has argan, almond, soy and walnut oil, vitamin E and some other stuff, but basically a brilliant mix of oils without silicones. It is amazing. Seriously. For the price, which is about 3 €, you get a 50 ml of a brilliant product in a nice, functional packaging (a pump) and it's plastic so I'm not concerned it will break in case I drop it. It's actually quite light for an oil, so you don't end up with too greasy ends. This makes my hair look so nice, healthy and shiny, just as any other silicone based product would. I've been using it everyday since I bought it and it never made my hair look to greasy or gave me a feeling like there is too much product in my hair. The scent is fresh and very citrusy. It's not often that I'm so impressed by a product, but this one deserves all the praise. If you have very dry hair, I can't recommend this more. 

The second product is from the Dm's SauBär line which is their line of products for children. It's basically just a mini spray that smell of lavender, but omg is the scent just gorgeous. It's not an authentic lavender scent, I also get some camomile mixed in and I love it. I spray my pillows with it and just enjoy the calming aroma before I fall asleep. I can't remember the price, but it was cheap (it's a 100 ml bottle).

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