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Honestly, I feel a bit uncomfortable writing a review for this sunscreen. The thing is that ingredients-wise it pretty much a disaster, however, it is the most comfortable sunscreen I've had to date.

It was released this year and Müller's brand Lavazon does a similar product, but I believe it is slightly more expensive. It is very light for a sunscreen and very runny. It blends easily into the skin and there is not much of a white cast (but then I'm pale as a ghost, it might just not show on my skin). It doesn't feel tacky or sticky, it's almost dry to the touch and feels very comfortable. Of course, it feels a lot heavier if you apply a recommended amount of one teaspoon/5ml, which I'm sorry, but I'm not prepared to do (not only that it's unbearably greasy no matter what sunscreen you use, it's also expensive since I'd use it up in weeks. Judge me all you want). It's not a matte finish and it still has that sunscreen glow, but it is a lot less intense that at regular sunscreens. I just use powder over the top. It works great with all foundations I own and doesn't flake. It doesn't dry out my skin at all.

I don't spend much time in the sun, mostly less than 15 minutes a day and I'm not planning to go on a holiday, so I will use it up. For the exposure I get, it's good enough me. The scent is quite a strong chemical sunscreen one. Personally, I don't mind it, I actually like it. The packaging is a nice sleek tube and very travel friendly. 

What can I say. If you have a problem with octocrylene, alcohol and heavy fragrances, give it a pass. But if you're desperate for an inexpensive light sunscreen, it's not bad. The SPF could be higher, though. I'm not aware of any decent light sunscreens for such an affordable price. 50ml costs only 2.95€ in DM's.  

Which sunscreens do you use? Feel free to drop your recommendations for a light sunscreen with more decent ingredients in the comments. Have a great day! 
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