Tips Sundance Getöntes Sonnenfluid SPF 30 (Tinted Sunscreen)

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I love this! Who would have thought that I'll find a sunscreen that I actually love wearing and it's reasonably priced.

It has a liquid, light lotion-type texture that is very easy to apply and it's even lighter than their mattifying version. You can apply a lot and it doesn't feel suffocating at all, moreover, you can't even feel that you're wearing it. The colour is about NC/W20 with a neutral undertone, but very sheer and it gives only a hint colour. Due to the tint, there is no white cast and it has almost none of the sunscreen shine. The finish it leaves is actually very normal, light moisturiser-like, so no excessive shine and no stickiness or any of that sunscreen faff. You don't even have to use powder if your skin isn't the oily type, but I do powder my shiny T-zone because I do that anyway. I love wearing it as a no-make up look with a bit of concealer, but it works well as a base with all foundations I own.

It smells lovely as well, not at all like chemical sunscreen as the mattifying version, but fruity-floral. It protects the skin very well as tested working in the field in high sun for hours and it didn't sweat off proved by a tan-tinted cotton pad at the end of the day. However, I should tell you that I can stand in the sun without protection for hours and my skin does change colour neither to tan or red (how weird is that? I've been slightly red a handful of times in my life and you know how pale I am).

The packaging is a small, squeeze tube made from hard plastic that is great for carrying in a pocket or a bag for reapplication.

Ingredients for those who are interested (I stopped worrying a long time ago):

It's sold in DMs and it costs 3.69 €.

I love pretty much every thing about it: how light it feels, the scent, the neutral-and-not-at-all-orange tint (though if it were more pigmented, it'd be too dark for me at the moment) and the non-shiny finish. I still use the mattifying version on my décolletage especially when I wear light clothes. It says on the box it's LE, but I truly hope they make it permanent.
By the way, I love it more that the Garnier's Miracle Cream, which also has a tint and SPF, but that's a review for another day.

Have a great day!
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