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Quite a while ago I purchased two budget creamy cleansers, one was Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser and the second was this one. It's the more expensive one of the two, but they are very similar with the main difference being basically just the scent.

The texture is thicker than Good Things' one, but it's still very much the same, so a cream that you apply on the skin, massage it in and remove with water or better with a wet flannel. It leaves a film of product on the skin if it's not wiped off. It cleans ok, though I prefer to use micellar water before using this as I want to make sure my skin is completely clean, but this does help remove the remnants of mascara and other eye makeup. It's a moisturising cleanser and the skin doesn't scream for a dose of moisture afterwards nor are there any dry patches forming. It's a very comfortable cleanser to use, but I can't tell you how suitable it is for sensitive skin, since my skin isn't sensitive at all.

As the name suggest it smells like roses and by that I mean that classic, cheap, granny, floral slightly sharp-ish scent that I genuinely dislike. It's nothing like a real rose scent to me because I love the scent of fresh roses, but I put up with this one nonetheless.  

I've almost reached the end of the tube and this just doesn't work as well on my skin as the Good Things one. The latter one kept my skin in such good condition that I hadn't had a single spot during using it, but with Super Facialist the story was very different. It's not like my skin was super spotty or anything, but it just wasn't as clear and healthy looking. I'm actually looking forward to using it up and moving to the next one. Obviously, that's just how my skin reacted to it and it doesn't mean it will work the same on every one. 


I'm not a fan of this cleanser. It cleans well and keeps dry patches at bay, but my skin didn't like this as much as the cheaper Good Things one. That one is probably my favourite budget cleanser at the moment purely due to its effect on my skin, but it's still not as good as my all-time favourite Balance Me. Rose Hydrate is still one of the better choices among drugstore cleansers for those who have dry or dehydrated skin.

I bought mine on Boots International for £7.99 (10 €).

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