Tips Sweet Pink Smooth Liquid Eye Liner (Born Pretty Eyeliner with a Panda Design)

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Felt tip eyeliners are some of my favourite beauty products that I basically discovered just last year and I love trying out new ones. I'll shallowly admit that this one caught my eye because of the adorable panda packaging, but I didn't expect much from it mostly because of my personal prejudice against such gimmicky products. I was wrong. Very wrong. This turned to be the best eyeliner I got in this year and if you follow me regularly then you'll know that I've bought a few available in Slovenia recently, with two turning out to be massive and expensive disappointments.

First thing that caught my eye was an astonishing similarity with my beloved Kardashian Beauty eyeliner as well as the overpriced Artdeco's version in terms of the shape and material of the applicator. This is the best size and shape that I've found so far for my eye hooded shape. It's more on the small side and quite sharp, meaning you can do very precise designs. With it flick are easy to do, though I've actually stopped doing flicks as currently I prefer a rounder shape of the eye. 

The formula is nicely black and it reminds me most of the Artdeco one in a way that it also dries quite fast on the skin , but applying it over the dried part of the eyeliner, doesn't completely ruin it by flaking off as it happened at the Artdeco one. I love how the nib is still completely saturated after several weeks of use and that's including the tip. Basically it's still like new and I've very happy about that. It also doesn't dry out by the time you move on the next eye, which I greatly appreciate. My only concern is about the applicator becoming flimsy quickly as I can already see that the tip a bit frayed when I'm applying it.

Compared to other good liners I've tried, staying power is the only thing that isn't quite as good, but it's very close. I'm used to very black, long lasting liners that are as black at 11 P.M. as when I applied it in the morning, but this one fades to a more greyish shade. It will of course easily lasts through an average school/work hour day, but at the end of the day upon closer inspection the eyeliner won't be quite as black as when applied. The wings sometimes survive intact, then sometimes they don't, it probably has more to do with how often someone touches the face.

The panda packaging is so adorable and there is a spring inside the lid to make sure that the liner doesn't dry out. I've had it for about a month and it's still going strong.  

I am super happy with this liner. It's such a relief to be finally able to do a line with a product that works like it should and that I don't have to shake it furiously amidst application because the tip lost all its colour. I actually think that it's getting better with time, but I am aware that the time will come when I'll have to say goodbye to it, I'm just not sure when. Considering how well it's still performing, I'm hoping that won't happen so soon. This was really such a pleasant surprise and it's actually cheapest out of all my favourites. 

It's currently $5.99 on Born Pretty. I got a code to that gives you 10% off your order MKOH10, which is also in the sidebar (it's a direct link to the website). Born Pretty also has an app for iPhones.

*Product was sent to me.
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