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This is probably one of most hyped up highlighters in recent years and it actually didn't interest me much when the hype started because I was not into highlighters, at least not strong ones. But so many people raved about this that it kind of automatically landed on my wishlist. This is actually my second powder highlighter that own and my only gold toned, so yeah, my stash of highlighters isn't the most extensive one, but I'm still using Jemma Kidd's one (cream) and L'Oreal's Magic Lumi Primer (liquid) which are both my favourite (but my absolute favourite is actually Mac Vanilla pigment of which I only have a sample).

Mary-Lou Manizer is a gold toned highlighter with an intense shine. The reason why I avoided buying this was because I was concerned it would look too gold on my pale skin tone. I've heard conflicting reviews about how it works on pale skin, so I didn't want to risk it, however, I can report that it's fine, just don't overdo it. I'm currently at my palest, so Nars Siberia/Revlon Colorstay Ivory/Rimmel Light Porcelain 010 plus I have a neutral undertone and this does look a bit golden on me, but as long as I don't go to really to town with it, it's fine. I applied a lot of it on my picture because I camera phone doesn't pick up highlighters well, so it looks gold. I would normally apply less.

At first I did not get this highlighter, it seemed like a nice average one, but the more I use and dig though the top layer, the softer it gets and now it's giving me a very intense glow. This is a highlighter for glow lovers, but most might end up saving it for a special occasions. Currently I'm in a phase where I crave for anything glowy, that's why I love Physicians Formula Sexy Booster blush so much, however, suspect I won't be using this in the summer as I feel the intense sunlight will make it very shimmery looking (it happens with most highlighters anyway), but will see. So far, I'm really enjoying using this. It even landed in my latest month favourites and I would love to give Cindy-Lou a try as well.

The packaging is well made, a plastic case with a handy big mirror and the typical comic retro design (check the charges on the board).

Mary-Lou is for those who adore the glow. There is nothing subtle about it and I can see why it's so highly regarded in the beauty community. Is it the glowiest highlighter I tried? No. But that's a good thing as I think any more glow would look terribly tacky. It would look fantastic on warm and medium skin tones, so if you're looking for something truly glamorous looking, check this one out, but even if you're very fair, don't be afraid to try it. 

Available in Müller for 23.99 €.

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