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I love matte liquid lipsticks and I dream of having a big collection, so naturally these were at the top of my wishlist ever since they launched sometime last year because they received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Trying this shade, I can definitely see why. This is quite possibly the best such lip product I've tried. It's not completely perfect, but very close to what I consider perfection.

Texture: The formula is a liquid cream that isn't too oily, nor too thick and despite being a deep shade, unlike most such colours, it doesn't go on patchy, but you get a completely even layer of colour on the lips. It's one of those matte lipsticks that takes longer to set, about 10 minutes or so and it sets to a more velvet matte finish. It still transfers a bit, but it's definitely one of the most comfortable matte liquid lipsticks I've tried and there is none of that tight uniform layer at these. Some people may still find these drying, but I think that if you didn't find Nyx's drying, you won't find these either. It contains peppermint which means it tingles at applications as a sort of a plumping effect, but I find that such a gimmick. Their regular lipsticks have it as well.

Colour: Adoring is the darkest shade in the selection and it's a classic deep burgundy shade. It's close to Maybelline's Divine Wine and Mac's Diva, but more a of true, cool toned red than those two. 

On the eyes Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette shades Creme Brulee and Gilded Ganache. On the cheeks it's Milani's in Powder Blush 01 Romantic Rose.

Staying power: Staying power is truly impressive, though that's a feature of a majority of matte lip creams, but this one really takes it a step further and what I appreciate most is how lovely it fades. Matte liquid lipsticks tend to fade patchy, but this one fades evenly. It manages to completely survive eating and drinking, often even really greasy food, but in that case it may rub a bit in the inner corners. I'm wearing it today, applied at about 11 AM, ate lunch, went for a walk and at almost 5 PM it's pretty much like freshly applied, there is only some missing in the inner corners and I feel no dryness, but you might know already that my lips very rarely feel dry. The fact the shade is so dark and has a strong pigmentation could be the reason for such a great staying power, but I really hope the rest behave similarly. 

Scent: It smells so lovely. The scent is the same as that of After Eight, so chocolatey minty and it tingles from the start as a means of a plumping effect, but I don't' believe in such things.

Packaging: Packaging is retro inspired as per usual at theBalm. The applicator is a classic one and easy to use. My only pet peeve is that the neck of the tube gets messy and I hate dirty makeup.

Price and availability: Mine is from Salma where these cost 15.59 €. Though theBalm is available in Slovenia, these aren't sold here yet. They are sold in Croatia, but only in two places in Zagreb in Martimex shops. You can also find them on Feel Unique and Look Fantastic, but I want to warn you that both of these companies ship though Jersey Post, which means now we all of a sudden need to pay tax charges (bastards! It's sent from Jersey that's part of the Channel Island and not fully a part of EU, but is a part of European Union Customs Union, however, not a part of the tax union. By the way, Asos is another backstabber, but they apparently pay you back those tax charges. Also Feel Unique raised the amount of money you need to spend for free shipping and it's now 40 €. Guess who's not ordering from there any more).
Edit 15.4.2016: My package from Look Fantastic came today and there were no additional charges, even though I had to send my invoice to the customs charges (which otherwise never happens for LF packages) and the package was worth over 22 €. I'm not sure if the same goes for Asos and Feel Unique packages.

If all the shades behave like this one, then these are definitely my favourite liquid lipsticks so far. Yes, it takes a bit longer to set, but I love how it fades nicely and the staying power. Also the fact that it's a dark shade that is not at all patchy is a huge plus as well. I would love to have more of these and they actually just released four new shades that you can see here. I'm already in love with two, Dedicated and Trustworthy, while from old shades I love Committed, Charming and Loyal.

Have a great day!
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