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I honestly had no idea theBalm even had mascaras. I've never heard anyone talking about them, but it's kind of obvious that they would have them. There are two versions of "What's your type?" mascaras and I got the volumising one called "the body builder". I don't have the box, but I think there is an actually body builder on it. You may know by now that regular formula mascaras aren't my favourite and to be fair neither is this one, but not everyone has the same preferences as me, so this review is for all those who are interested in such mascaras.

This is such an old school mascara with a basic brush and it doesn't have any special design. I don't think that definition was considered when designing the brush and it is indeed not the best at that, the primary focus is on the volume. I use an old mascara wand to comb the lashes after application, but that's because I'm a fan of a more defined look. The formula is very wet and thick, which means it can clump the lashes together and get messy. I prefer formulas to be almost dry because they perform best on my lashes like that, so I let the mascaras sit for a while before I commit to use them. This one does give a lot of volume and it's a very black formula, so if you're a fan of wet formulas that give you a lot of volume, this one might be worth checking out.

My lashes of course drop like a rock with this mascara, so I had a lot of problems actually taking a picture of it, as my lashes were so low, it looks like I have only half of my lashes, but if you don't have such problems like me, this obviously won't be an issue for you. 

This just wasn't made for me. I have very high standards when it comes to mascaras and holding a curl is at the top of my list, so a regular formula mascara has yet to truly win me over and this one clearly didn't. It's not a bad mascara, but also not mind-blowingly amazing. It's predominantly a volusiming mascara with a thick, wet formula which fails at definition and the latter is one of my top preferences when looking for mascara. I love TheBalm, they have amazing products and it's quickly become of one my favourite brands, but this mascara did not wow me.

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