Tips Things I'm Loving Right Now Vol. 2

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Lavender started to bloom in our little garden. I just love the scent of lavender. I found my last year's bottle of lavender oil that I bought when I was on a holiday. I put a drop on my pillow and a drop on a cotton pad, which I put in my wardrobe. I can't stop opening my wardrobe doors now. It smells divine :) .

I adore dresses. I just can't stop buying them. These three are my latest purchases. All are from Tally Weijl. Isn't the first one just gorgeous! I love wearing it as a top too.

And the last thing are pretty perfume bottles. The first one is from Versace and I just adore the classic greek/roman design. Plus it smells like lilac and fruit (guava). Oh, I sooo want it!
Versace Cystal Noir smells amazing to me. It reminds me of some shampoo or something. Sort of like coconut and flowers. The bottle could be prettier though.
The bottle design of Guerlain Insolence must be one of the prettiest ever. I just wish the scent would be a bit more appealing to me.
And this concludes my short rambling about random things. Thanks for reading!
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