Tips This Week's Haul and My Skin Care Routine

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I went a bit crazy with shopping this week, but who really cares :). I'll try to review most of the things as soon as I can. Today I'll just talk a bit about my skin care routine which I changed a bit.
I bought:
  • Micro peeling cloth/ Mikropiling krpa
  • La Roche Posay Anthelios XL melt-in cream 50+ / topljiva krema za obraz 50+
  • Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Black waterproof mascara
  • Sun Dance Aloe vera gel
  • Essence Nail polish remover
  • Bourjois Healty Mix Serum 51 Light Vanilla
  • Essence Stay All Day concealer 10 Natural Beige (great concealer)
  • Schabens Erdbeer mask (contains glycolic acid)
  • Dove beauty cream bar (I love these bars! They smell amazing, don't dry out my skin plus there's no extra packaging. Currently I prefer them to regular shower gels.)
Incorporating baking soda in your skin care routine seems to be all the rage. Since I read Sam's post on I decided to try it out myself. I mixed about a quarter of a teaspoon with my regular cleanser (Nivea Baby Kopf bis Fuß wash lotion) and then gently rubbed the mixture on my face. I left it on just for a couple of minutes (leaving it too long can irritate your skin and for the same reason don't use it too often, about once a week). My skin felt amazingly soft and so polished. No face scrub that I tried can compare with the effect of baking soda. However, I will use it only a couple of times a month because using it too often can destroy your protective acid mantle.
I bought a micro peeling cloth, which feels very soft to the touch and really removes all make up. All you have to do is to use it damp in a gentle circular motion. After I used a cotton pad soaked with my favorite make up remover Bioderma Sensibio and it was completely clean, so no traces of foundation what so ever. Plus it leaves your skin so smooth. I guess the only problem is that you have to wash it often. On the box it says it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Sun Dance Aloe Vera gel is a light green very liquidy gel. It has quite a strong but pleasant scent (it smells sort of flowery). A few seconds after application it becomes very sticky but it dries in a couple of minutes and the stickiness disappears. I bought it to use it for my homemade aspirin toner. I used an old toner bottle, put about 50 ml of water in it, then crushed one aspirin and squirted some aloe in the mixture. I used it yesterday for the first time and those few blemished I have, diminished and some even disappeared.

 And for the end just a couple of pictures of daffodils. Aren't they lovely :).
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