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Currently, I have enough heat protection products to last me quite a while. Tigi Catwalk Mystique Blow Out Balm is the most versatile from all of them, but the the same time the most average one. It's the ultimate all rounder heat protection, because I find it's pretty much suited for all types of hair and I believe most people would really like it.

It's a light gel-silicone texture that feels light on the hair and doesn't weight it down. It has a ton of small multi-coloured shimmer that looks stunning when you look at it in sunlight. It's demure enough not to make you look like you have actual chunks of glitter on your hair and it just gives an amazing shine. My cousin complimented on how amazingly shiny my hair looks and demanded to know what I was using. I used to own a similar product with such shimmer and it was the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock (now repackaged and renamed Liquid Shine). However, the JF one doesn't work as a heat protectant, but just as a tamer which gives additional shine. Blow Out Balm is basically the same product, but slightly lighter and with the added function of protecting from heat, so it would be my choice instead of the JF one. The picture doesn't give it justice, because the shimmer is amazing in person.
It's primary function is heat protection and it performs well in that department. Because it's a light silicone, it can easily be used on damp and dry hair. I don't like using cream heat protectants on dry hair as it makes it too wet to be straightened or curled right away, but with Blow Out Balm it's just like applying a silicone-oil type of product e.g. Orofluido or Macadamia Healing Oil. I've heard other reviewers say it made their hair sleeker. Personally, I don't notice my hair being sleeker when I use this on damp hair before blow-drying, but it does tame it when used on dry hair. It doesn't help much with the dryness, though. My hair is super dry and I tend to reach for more moisturising/heavy products, but if your hair is normal or oily and you dislike the feeling of having too much product on your hair, I suspect you will really enjoy using it.

The packaging is quite small with 90ml of product. It's really well made and I like the stylish black and red design. It has a handy pump (as a lot of products should have), but it dispenses too little product at a time for my needs, so I have to pump about 5 time to get the amount needed (I have really long, thick hair).

The scent is quite strong as per usual with Tigi's products. It's a mix of fruity notes and wood (rosewood apparently), I think it is like the new car smell (our new Opel smells exactly like this to me). Obviously I got laughed at when I said that and others said it smells like a shoe spray Kiwi Fresh Force. In general, it's a very likeable scent.

It's not the cheapest, but not the most expensive product either. I got it online for a reasonable price of 6€, when it was on sale. You can get it for about 12€ on eBay and Tigi is widely sold in online shops or hairdressers.  

I find it a great all rounder, because I can use it on dry and damp hair, however, for my needs I've already found two product that work best with my mega dry hair, K√©rastase Nectar Termique (which I use on damp hair) and Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender (that I use on dry hair). Both are better suited for people with really dry hair, while I find Tigi Blow Out Balm to be suited for practically all types of hair, because it's light enough and doesn't weigh the hair down. If you're in search for a nice, simple heat protectant or a shine product give it a go.

Have a great day!

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