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Back in my early teens, when I first got into hair care, Tigi's Oatmeal & Honey shampoo and conditioner  together with Tigi's Curl Rock Amplifier were staples in my bathroom for years. I bought several supersizes (750 ml) in a row and then the Oatmeal & Honey line got discontinued. They finally repackaged it last year and added a hair mask. Of course, I couldn't resist trying it out.

Texture: it's a typical hair mask that is neither too thin nor too thick. If I remember the texture of the old conditioner correctly, this is thicker, though not by much. It's similar in texture to L'Oreal's Ever Riche mask and a bunch of others.

Scent: This has a super strong scent. It's probably the strongest smelling hair product I've tried. I've said before that it smells like Christmas and it does - like drinking mulled wine and nibbling on gingerbreads. The two strongest notes are cinnamon and clove plus there's a bit of honey thrown in as well. While this is a great scent for colder months, the strong scent will probably not be as appealing when it'll be 25°+ outside.

Performance: This is a nice treatment for super dry hair, it's definitely for those who need moisture and nourishment. Surprisingly, I noticed this leaves me a with lot of body almost like it thickens my hair. It's odd since this is quite a heavy product, maybe it just works like that on my hair, I don't know. Even without the got2b Volumania Volumizing Spray Mousse, I managed to get tons of volume with my regular routine and it didn't drop within an hour rather it lasted a decent amount of time. Of course, with volume comes the perpetual curse - frizz, and I do notice that the frizz is harder to tame after using this. The ends feel nice, not super soft like with Kerastase or Joico, but very close. The scent lingers on the hair, which not that surprising given the strength of the fragrance. 

Packaging: It's a simple pot with (only) 200 ml of product. I can already say that I doubt it will last me long since, with my hair reaching the end of my back, it means I use a lot of product at once. The pot was also only 3/4 full when I got it, so don't let the size of the pot deceive you.

Price and availability: I managed to find it for 13€ on Feel Unique, but this was the second pot I ordered. The first time I ordered it on HqHair for 14€ and then the package got lost (it was refunded). Generally, the prices without a discount are around 16-18€ online. I'm not sure how much it costs at the hairdresseser.

This is a great product for dry hair, even for those who are afraid a hair mask might be too heavy for them since in my experience it doesn't affect volume (please keep in mind I naturally have volume. I'm not saying it will make volume, it just doesn't leave the hair flat due to being too heavy). However, if you're sensitive to fragrance I must warn you that this has a super strong scent, stronger than any product I've tried. Though I like that it's in a pot because I can get every last bit of it out, I'm not too happy with the quantity. An additional 50 or 100 ml wouldn't hurt. But all in all, I'd say it's pretty damn good. I might get the conditioner next, the 750 ml with a pump version like I used to. 

Have a great day!
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