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This is one of those products I just can't get to work for me. I've had it for months now and I have been trying to use it in different ways to make it work, I but think I'll just give up. I believe this is the first Tigi product I don't like and I have been a fan of Tigi products for a almost decade (their scents are divine and their S Factor line has some of the best stuff I've ever found). Sugar Fixations is a fairly new line with five styling products inspired by sugar . 

Given the amount of positive reviews and raves about this volumising mousse, it was at the top of my wishlist. I had just run out of my Balea Power Volume mousse (which was fine, nothing special but good enough) and I wanted something new. I needed something that gives some extra hold to get the curls to stay longer as well as give the hair some body since my hair is quite heavy due to the length and not having layers.

I wrote in my April New In post where I shared my first impressions that it is difficult to get the amount right in a sense that too much makes your hair sticky. I really dislike it when I have to be careful how much product I use. With my hair texture it is very rare that I would over apply a product because my hair can handle just about anything. With this mousse two pumps are already too much and make my hair sticky, while one has no effect at all. I used way too much the first time (I used the same amount as I would with the Balea one) and it made my hair so sticky and dirty feeling, I had to wash my hair the next day.

The texture is a light foam that doesn't weigh down the hair. I apply most of the product on the roots and what's left to the rest of the hair. I then blow-dry my hair down as usual. I don't notice any added volume on top one I have naturally, nor does my hair stay volumised longer even after using velcro rollers (I notice the difference when using Balea Power Volume). It doesn't hold the curls as well either.

As I already said before I'm not loving the scent as much as other reviewers. They say it smells like lemon squares, but to me it smells like home-made doughnuts. I don't find it too strong, nor does it last more than a few minutes on my hair (but nothing really does anyway).

I'm not liking this product as much as I hoped. Actually I prefer a much cheaper mousse by Balea even though it was average. It might be the fact that my hair is too long and it works better or shorter hair, nonetheless I consider this a miss purchase (but I might try it to get it to work for me from time to time). 

Have a great day!
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