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I needed a heavier concealer that I could use to conceal spots and undereye circles and it just happened that had a sale at the beginning of the year. Initially I had my mind set on a Mac concealer but I decided to give the Time Balm a shot. The first problem I encountered was what shade should I choose. I wasn't sure whether to pick light or lighter than light, as some reviewers described the latter as almost white, but despite that I still choose lighter that light. Well, it's not almost white (I have no idea where the that reviewer got this idea), it's probably most comparable in Mac shades with the NW15, however, since I don't own any Mac concealers or foundations I will compare it to the Bourjois Healthy Mix range. The lighter shades in Healthy Mix run more yellow, while Time Balm in Lighter that Light has a much more pink undertones. Given that this is originally an undereye concealer I consider that a good thing, since pink undertones brighten the area. My skintone is very neutral so this shade works just fine for me.

Now to the packaging. It's a clear plastic jar which feels a bit cheap and you also get a small sponge applicator that I don't use. You get 75g of product for about 15,50 GBP (about 18,50€ or 18$ at Sephora).

The texture is very thick, but not that hard to blend. I prefer to apply it with fingers because it just blends better with the skin. Unfortunately, this concealer does not work well on dry skin. It clings to every dry patch so make sure you moisture beforehand. The coverage is full, works well on dark circles and blemishes, but really make sure the area is moisturised. It feels quite thick under the eyes, so I prefer to use my Essence Stay All Day concealer (a great concealer actually, nice coverage, blends nicely, a nice product for the price, review here.) and I use this one on blemishes. Right now my skin is completely dried out (seriously, like a Sahara, just horrible) so it's not my first choice when it comes to concealers, but I suppose it's time will come in the warmer months. 

It's a nice concealer, I especially like the full coverage part, however, it is quite dry and you can't skip the moisturiser with this one. Also it is quite expensive, but all in all it's still a good concealer. 

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