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First of, this is a limited edition item and stock is getting lower and lower in all shops that sell these, so I hurried with the review for all that are interested, but I would have published it months ago, except that I had to wait three months instead the usual three weeks for it to arrive, which is just insane. I'm not sure if Tonymoly just used one of their existing permanent formulas for these, but at least BCdation Moisture Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  and Mini Cover Cushion have a shade called 01 Skin Beige (some others have 02 Skin Beige), so this still might be helpful to you after stock runs out. It's my first cushion foundation, which I have been avoiding buying because I can't imagine you get much product in these, plus most have a very dewy, sticky finish and that's what I don't like. But I bought this one because it's Pokemon and I just fell in love with the concept. I get now why so many people love these. Also I had high hopes Asian cushions will have very light shades and I wasn't disappointed. 

Texture: This is one of those light-feeling foundations, though to be fair, it's not easy to apply it in a thick coat in the first place due to the packaging. It applies beautifully and I really wish it stayed looking exactly like at application all the time - flawless, but invisible on the skin. I even forgive it being a bit sticky and dewy to a point that even I need powdering. Unfortunately, it's a backstabbing foundation similar to Maybelline's Fit Me Luminous + Smooth and by that I mean it turns into quite a greasy mess (and my skin is currently dry) which can also emphasise the texture of the skin. Powder helps a lot, but it's not foolproof, while using a mattifying primer under it completely backfires because it makes it separate horribly.

Coverage and finish: It has a light to about medium coverage if I layer it. It evens out the skin tone and with some layering covers my circles decently enough, but it still lets my darker freckles shine though. This is definitely not a foundation for those who want a full-coverage look, but it's more for those who love foundations like Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. The finish is shiny or very dewy when you apply it and while that's lovely on the cheeks, it can look a bit oily on the T-zone, but as I said that shine only increases in time, making it look oily. 

Colour: I also got it because I hoped the shade 01 would be light enough for me and it's very close. It's nicely pale, I'd say somewhere around NW15, so fair with a pink undertone which isn't particularly strong. It's a shade darker than my perfect match Maybelline's Fit Me 110 Porcelain and similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 except with a less intense undertone, so since the coverage is light, this fits me really well and I see no visible transitions when I apply it. 

Staying Power: This is where it somewhat fails unfortunately, but since it's such a dewy foundation, you can expect it won't last that amazingly on the skin. Without a powder you get a few hours, but setting it helps to squeeze extra hours from it. 

Scent: It's heavily scented with a baby powder fragrance. It's so strong I can smell it an hour, but I don't mind that at all.

Packaging: Aside from being Pokémon themed (mine is a small version, while the larger has a different design), it's a standard, albeit a smaller cushion compact. It's got the normal cushion inside, but the distribution of product is a bit off, since the majority of it gathers at the edges. So far I have no problem getting the desired amount, but we'll see what happens when it's going to be drier. The applicator, which is brilliantly pokeball shaped, is a dream. The velvety soft surface of the sponge applies and blends the foundation with ease and I've tried it with other foundations too. You can buy them individually on eBay (by the way I saw some like to apply sunscreen with them). The compact has an additional cap that protects the cushion from drying out.

Price and availability: These are still available on eBay from various sellers and on Tester Korea for about 10$ (also still available on Amazon and Beautynetkorea. Not affiliate links, I'm just being helpful). Mine is a small 9g version, but a bigger one exists with a different packaging. I ordered my first from BringBringShop and gave up waiting after two months, so I ordered again from Testerkorea and it took 35 days to arrive (too long).

What I love about it: 
- The ease of application
- Shade
- Light-medium coverage that looks very natural
- Packaging
- Applicator
- SPF 50+ /PA+++

What I'm not a fan of:
- Staying power
- Super dewy finish that needs powdering

You might read this through and think I find this a horrible foundation due to it looking so shiny in a couple of hours and bad staying power, but I'm glad I bought it because I'm always happy when I find a good shade for me and come on, the packaging makes it totally worth it. It also made me interested in cushion foundations (recs for a pale one with a satin finish?) and I found a great new way of applying them, though I still love oval brushes for a quick and effective job. It's not completely gimmicky and if you're a Pokemon fan this is not a wasted investment, but it definitely needs powdering regardless of your skin type and I'm also sure better cushion formulas exist.

Have you tried cushion foundations yet? Have a great day!
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