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It's not the first time I've said this is my favourite budget mascara and it won't be the last. As an owner of lashes that refuse to hold a curl, this mascara is everything I need to get those big, voluminous and curled lashes that stay like that all day. It's just brilliant and I hope Essence never discontinues it.

After Kiko's these are my favourite cream eyeshadows ever. Well, actually these might actually be my favourite, especially 05 She's Got the Mauve because it's such a stunning and quite a unique taupe-mauve shade. The formula is nicely creamy, but firmer than most cream eyeshadows, so it stick  on the lids really well and because these shades don't have chunky shimmer, they look very even on the eyelids. They last all day on my normal lids with no creasing, so I use them as a base for powder eyeshadows because they intensify them and make them last a lot longer. Fantastic product by Essence.

I'm not a fan of Essence cheek products, they all fail me in one way or another, but these are amazing. They are so smooth, it's almost like they are not even powder blushes because there is none of that obvious powdery finish on the cheeks  so it looks like your cheeks are naturally such colour and staying power is impressive as well. They only made two shades, which is a bummer, since neither of these shades are what I usually wear, but they are the classic peach and pink shades that should suit so many people. I think they now have a different geometric/oriental pattern, but I didn't check in the drugstores.

While wasn't a fan of Essence regular lip liners (until they changed the formula), these are brilliant. They are creamy, so you can use them all over the lips, but they aren't too soft, so they still define well. Unlike Catrice version they aren't annoyingly thick and sticky, they also don't dry out and break like crazy, they just perform like they should. I have several shades, but my favourite are 05 Lovely Frappuccino and 06 A Girl's Dream.

You might think I put this here because it's innovative due to the colour changing formula. Well, it's not, because that doesn't work on me, but I love the shade of this. It's a medium, slightly taupe grey that just works so well with my skin tone. I call it a pretty, "weird neutral", not a classic nail polish colour, but one that somehow just works and looks great on the nails. The reason I didn't include their The Gel Nail Polish is because they vary so much in terms of quality, for example 13 Forgive Me performs so well, but 63 itsy bitsy blue bikini is the worst formula I've tried in a while.

What are your favourites from Essence? 
Have a great day!
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