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No, I didn't make a mistake in the title, even though December is gone, but I got this a couple of days before Christmas, so have an excuse why I'm showing you last month's box only now. My Beauty Box Slovenia surprised me with a Christmas gift, which is very kind of them (actually my only Christmas gift last year, apart from the Milani blush) and they even customized it a bit, so it would be more to my taste and now I have an opportunity to show you a product from a brand that is joining their selection soon. I already talked about the whole box system in Slovene in my previous post about them, but it's the same deal again, you pay a monthly subscription and you receive a combination of five samples and full sizes each month. The price of the December box was 15 € plus shipping.

I felt the previous box was missing that little bit extra and I think I got it in this one. Mine included three full size products: Weleda Buckhorn hand cream, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick and Essie's nail polish, along with a sample/votive size Yankee Candle and a sample of Ginvera BB cream. Included was also a chocolate Lint Santa, which didn't survive long after I took the pictures. I was completely overjoyed about the nail polish because it's exactly what I've been looking for, but more about it in individual reviews. The box is the same as the first one, so a nice quality violet box that you'll want to keep for organizing your collection or anything else.

ESSIE Nail Polish 
Summit of Style
I already included this nail polish in my favourite products of 2015. You may find me rash for including it in my selection, but it truly was love at first sight and I've worn it for Christmas over a navy nail polish (picture below). Summit of Style is a part of the Luxeffects line and it's a bronze shimmer that is a mix of small glitter particles and larger hexagons. It's more of a top coat with medium dense shimmer, however, you can built it up, though making a perfect fully opaque layer is time consuming as well as difficult because you end up with too much of that clear base. It can be done, but some bald patches are bound to happen. The effect of it is stunning, it's way better in real life than in my pictures, so go check Pinterest for manicures with it for a better idea of how it looks. Of course, it is the type of nail polish that is excruciatingly hard to remove, as those hexagons stick to the nails like glue even if you use one of those pot removers, but I think it's worth.

Left picture: One or maybe two coats of  summit of Style on my middle finger and trying to get full opacity on my ring finger. The base nail polish is Deborah Gel Effect 01. On the right is my glitter ombre Christmas manicure with Misslyn Nail Polish 610 Night Club as a base. The original picture is twice the size, so just click on it if you want to see it closer.

RIMMEL Moisture Renew Lipstick
330 Sloane's Plum
I was told I'm the only one who got this lipstick, so I had the chance to test it before they official add the brand to their website. Rimmel is a lovely drugstore brand that someone appears to be hell-bent on it not to be sold in Slovenia (any more. We used to have it over 15 year ago), but My Beauty Box is bringing it on our market. I've decided to a separate review about this lipstick, which you can find in my next post, but just a quick recap: Sloane's Plum is a vampy plum shade with a very moisturising formula and good pigmentation.

GINVERA Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
I already received this BB in my previous box and I said I liked it, though the shade is quite dark. I'll save it for the summer, when I'll start self-tanning again. I just copied the review from my previous post:
I remember a British blogger raving about this, about how it's her HG base, but I don't know who it was. The box contains an 8 g sample, which is a decent size, however, the tube is not full - still it lasts quite a few applications. It comes in only one shade, which is just lazy, how could you possibly expect that it will fit everyone? It's quite a dark shade from my perspective. It's darker than my darkest foundation Catrice's Nude Illusion in 010, but at least it's a neutral shade and it didn't end up looking too off on me also because of the coverage. The latter is light, with additional layers it can be built up to light-medium, but you'll definitely need concealer for under the eyes, redness and spots. The texture is very light, it blends beautifully and sets fast, in fact it reminds me of a less greasy version of Missha's Signature BB Cream. It looks very natural on the skin, it just sort of melts into the skin and it has that Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum effect, where it's not obvious you're wearing anything. I really like how it looks on the skin, only it sometimes looks a bit weird on my pores, but I think this has to do with my skin condition and not this BB. It has a strong, but pleasant scent of green tea.

WELEDA Sanddorn Handcreme
Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
I was never a fan of hand creams because I hate that greasy feeling and I so rarely use them. I expected this is be such a greasy, heavy cream because natural brands like Weleda tend to have such products, but even though it is a thick, intensely moisturising cream, this magically just sinks in under a minute. I don't think I've ever tried anything like it. I'm able to be behind the keyboard again in less than a minute. It leaves a sort of a film on the hands, but not a greasy one, rather almost powdery. It sound strange, I know, but it's nice. The second thing I was concerned about was the scent, since I really dislike the "natural/organic/bio stuff" as they mostly smell herbal or just strange, but this one surprised me with a pleasant scent of oranges, though there is that familiar herbal note in the background. The packaging is a metal tube. Uncommon words for me, but I quite like it, despite the fact it's a hand cream and a natural one. 

YANKEE CANDLE Red Apple Wreath
I already burned this for New Year's Eve. It had the most typical Christmas scent of apples with cinnamon, but mixed in was also a strong bubble-gum note. It filled the room(s) nicely and people kept asking what the lovely smell was. 

Stran My Beauty Box in Instagram My Beauty Box Slovenije. 

So what do you think about this box? Have a great day!

*Box was sent to me.
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