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I have another unboxing for you from My Beauty Box. This is the box I received at the end of January (actually on my birthday) and I already got the February one, which I'll show a preview at the end of the post. That one will get its own post later, as I need to try the products first. My Beauty Box Slovenia costs 12 € per month/box and you can order it here. As usual this box contained five samples and full size products: Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 170 Lively Lilac, 10 ml of Kneipp Herbal Bath Pure Bliss with the Red Poppy and Hemp scent, a sample bag of Lavera Bio Almond and Bio Macadamia Oil Natural Shine Intensive Care hair mask, Lavera Basis Sensitiv Lip Balm and two Teapigs tea bags.

RIMMEL I <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish
170 Lively Lilac
A pastel violet-lilac shade that's perfect for spring and it's the about the same shade as the box. It's a thin version of a pastel formula and it's on the sheer side, so it needs three coats for full opacity. I have two on the pictures and it was still see-through on some nails. Since it's a classic formula of a pastel, you get streaks when doing the first coat, so you need more layers to even it out. 

As all nail polishes it lasts well on my nails. The brush is a classic one and a nice shape, as I actually didn't make a huge mess this time.

LAVERA Bio Almond and Bio Macadamia Oil Natural Shine Intensive Care
I have a history with Lavera. Years ago, when I switched to natural cosmetics and silicone-sulphate free hair care, Lavera hair product were highly recommended to me and so many people adored their shampoos that I actually made an effort to track their products down in a small shop in Ljubljana (now they are so much easier to get). I hated their shampoos, especially their anti-dandruff shampoo because it made my scalp unbearably itchy and their hair masks were so unimpressive, but here's another chance for the to give it a shot. The sample contained 20 ml, which was almost not enough for my very long hair, but I managed to spread it on the bottom half of my hair. It smells like biscuits and cakes that you get in the shops, ones that everyone knows you didn't make yourself. It's a thick creamy mask with no silicones, still it wasn't that hard to spread on the hair, though it takes a bit more effort. When I was rinsing it off, it was like I haven't used anything. My hair wasn't silky at all, instead my hands could not run smoothly through the hair. To be fair, it was expected considering it's silicone free, but even so, I've tried better such masks. I had to rescue the situation with a lot of leave in conditioner to prevent dryness, otherwise I could comb it ok. It's nourishing all right, but my hair needs silicones otherwise it's a mess.

KNEIPP Herbal Bath Pure Bliss
Red Poppy and Hemp
A small size version of the bath oil, the big ones are 100 ml I believe. Kneipp's bath products are highly regarded in Central Europe and are even sold in pharmacies, but they are a bit boring or maybe I should say standard, they are not cute and innovative like Lush or Bath Bomb. This bath oil looks like blood. I know it sound weird, but it actually looks like that not just because of the colour, but also because it's thick and when you pour it in the bath, it sinks and then starts spreading around. It ends up lovely in the bath as it tint the water pink-red, depending on how much you put in the bath. The scent is nothing special. It's floral and relaxing, but not strong and when I have a bath, I want a strong scent, otherwise what's the point. I then went to check their other bath products in Müller, I set to buy one of their bubble baths, since I heard they make a great amount of bubbles, but sadly I disliked all of the scents.

LAVERA Basis Sensitiv Lip Balm
A completely standard lip balm that claims is for sensitive skin. My skin isn't sensitive at all, so I can say if it's nice for such skin. It's waxy, but nourishing and it doesn't have much of a shiny finish, so it'd be nice for men as well. It smells like flour which I don't like, as I'm not for bland scents of cosmetics.

Skinny Dessert and Bolly Good
This version of the box came with two tea bags in different flavours and I actually drank one because I was interested in it (I otherwise only drink tea from home-grown chamomiles and don't buy bags). These are those pyramid shaped tea bags. 
Bolly Good is an Assam tea with spices and cinnamon, but I don't smell cinnamon, only a warm chai scent. Ingredients: Tea, cinnamon, ginger, cassia, cardamom pods, natural cinnamon flavour and vanilla.
The one I drank was Skinny Dessert, which is a rooibos tea with caramel pieces. It says that caramel pieces melt in the tea giving it a special flavour. I found it boring. It smelled a bit like caramel and had a tinge of that mild caramel like flavouring, but it was another boring tea. They say you should drink it with milk, but that's just strange for me as we never do that here. Tea here is drunk with honey and sugar only. 
Ingredients: Rooibos, caramel pieces and natural flavour.

My Beauty Box February

In February box I received: Tanya Burr lip gloss in Vampire Kiss, Revlon nail polish in Bewitching, Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry and CMD Naturarkosmetik Rose Exclusive Pflegemaske (100 % vegan). Shades of Tanya's lip glosses in boxes are Daydream, Enchanted Forest, Berry Picking, Exotic Island and Vampire Kiss. Shades of Revlon nail polishes are Pink Nude, Bewitching, Vixen and Plum Seduction. Batiste dry shampoos come in different versions too, I've seen Blush in one of them, but the picture also shows Original and Tropic.
12 € + shipping here.

Have a great day!
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