Tips Unsung Hero: Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte PK224 Sugar Babe

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I've had this post ready in my to-post folder for more than a half of year now. I've actually talked about Shiseido Sugar Babe in several posts and there is even a picture of it on my All-time favourites page, but I never posted a picture of how it looks on the lips. Anyway, enough delaying, so here it it. I wore it loads, not just last year, but in general since I bought it. It became my everyday shade and I basically wore it everywhere until I my changed up my routine with Catrice Matt About Pink. It is my favourite nude shade that doesn't make me look dead, but has that hint of brightness to it.

The colour is just stunning. Sugar Babe doesn't look anything special in the tube or even swatched on my hand, but it looks gorgeous on the lips (strangely, I had the same experience with Catrice Matt about Pink). It's a light pinky coral melon colour that looks great on warmer skin tones. It might look a more plain pink on someone who has a medium skin tone, so test it on the lips before buying it.

As much as I love this colour, the formula is rubbish for a high-end lipstick. It is a lightweight matte formula and actually not at all drying which is a huge plus, but isn't smooth enough which makes the application look uneven. Even if your lips are properly exfoliated and smooth, it sort of clumps up and you're left with more colour/product on certain areas. I am a fan of matte finishes and some much cheaper brands made great quality light shades of lipsticks in a matte formula, so resent Shiseido for not making more of an effort, especially since they charge so much for their products. It's is semi-transparent and I need a few swipes to get the intensity going. It lasts well on the lips and even survives drinking, which is rare for paler shades. There is even some subtle stain going on after a few hours, but doesn't last long.

The packaging is really well-made and probably the best quality in my collection. It feels a bit heavy, but the lid stays shut even after being tossed around in my bag. Though it has that classic feel to it, the design is unique with a rounded square profile. 

So yes, the formula is not the highlight of this lipstick, but it never stopped me from wearing it. The colour is just too beautiful to be ignored and I have searched far and wide to find this precise colour. When I use it up, I will repurchase it. I bough it in Müller for about 25€.

If you're looking for something similar, but not matte, try Maybelline's Colour Whisper in Coral Ambition (it's less pink).

Have a great day!
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