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I'm a complete newbie when it comes to setting sprays and though my skin isn't oily, getting makeup to stay all day is not an easy task. I had a few special occasions coming, so wanted to invest into some products that would keep everything in place for as long as possible and All Nighter comes highly recommended. I had my heart set on the travel size for ages, but it was always sold out - luckily I managed to get a hold of it about a month ago. I can say that it definitely delivers.

The spray feels wet when applied, however, once it dries in about a minute it feels undetectable on the skin. There is no stickiness, no tight feeling, absolutely nothing - it's like an invisible shied on your face. It is also unscented. It says to spray it 20-25 cm away from the face 2-4 times in a T and X formation - very straightforward and simple. The spray works great and sprays a fine mist so it's evenly distributed on the skin. Some say that spraying All Nighter makes the foundation and powder look less cakey, but I don't notice a difference.  

I love the small, travel size packaging, I'm sure it'd prefer it to the full size as it's easier to handle. I don't quite get the function of the double lids, but I'm not too bothered. I'm really happy about UD also selling small sizes so you can trial the product before you splurge on the full size and they are always cuter than the bulky full-sizes. Sprays last me so long anyway, so I'm set for quite a while with these 30 ml. 

For this review I did a one day test. I took the first picture at 12.00 (A.M.) about an hour after applying makeup and the second at 22.00, so ten hours have passed between the photos. 
I wore Catrice Nude Illusion foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, L'Oreal Lumi Magique concealer, Bourjois Poudre the Riz powder, Catrice Defining blush, BeautyUK Eden palette, Kardashian Deeply Felt Liner, Bourjois 1 Second waterproof mascara and Dior Addict Fluid Stick. First picture was taken in natural light and the second under Phillips Economy Twister Cool Daylight bulb.

Eyeshadows, liner and mascara were perfect, the foundation has rubbed off a bit though not completely, the under eye concealing was still great, the blush was long gone and I did apply a lot,  Dior lip gloss was gone as well (obviously, it's a lip gloss) and there was some shine on the skin, but not excessively. You can see from the pictures yourself it looks pretty damn good for eleven hours. 
I used it on me and my cousin when we attended two weddings and our makeup lasted all day. All in all, this is pretty good stuff.

The pictures speak for themselves - All Nighter really helps to prolong makeup. It's quick and easy to use in addition to the fact that you can't feel it on the face. However, it does have a high content of Alcohol Denat., which can be drying, but I haven't noticed any ill effects from using this spray. Despite it being very good, I actually think that Max Factor All Day Primer works a bit better, especially when it comes to containing oiliness, however, the combination of the two is absolutely fantastic and perfect when you need your makeup to stay all day.

I bought mine from Feel Unique for 11.70 €.

Have a great day!
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