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It's been a while since I wrote about skin care. Yes, I'm still sticking to my Nuxe oil, but for the past few weeks I've been giving it break because I wanted to test these two products without influencing the results. I've been aware of the French pharmacy brand Uriage ever since one of my family members received a considerable amount of samples during the Roaccutane (Accutane) treatment. Naturally I was curious about the products, but since the samples weren't for me I didn't have the chance to try anything. Fast forward to today, I'm trialling two of their products, mostly designed for problematic, oily-combination skin. My skin is combination-normal, but prone to dry patches in the winter and moderate T-zone oiliness in the summer. I occasionally get a small spot, but with my regular skin care my skin mostly stays clear, however, those little spots do tend to leave a mark that takes forever to fade especially on my chin. I described my skin to the Mediforma's PR who contacted me and this is what they choose for me. I got the small size of micellar water for oily-combination skin and Hyséac R Restructuring Skin-Care.

Thermal Micellar Water Combination/Oily Skin
Termalna micelarna voda za čiščenje mešane do mastne kože

I've tried a lot of micellar waters in my life, starting from Bioderma and then moving towards more inexpensive versions. They all feel the same, like water, don't leave sticky residue behind and none so far irritated my skin, nor did this one. But there are differences in effectiveness, especially when it comes to more heavy duty eye makeup. This is a micellar water for combination/oily skin, they have a version for sensitive as well and at this one I need about three cotton pads so get the face clean, though some mascara may still linger on the eyelashes, but that is a surprise for the next morning. It of course doesn't remove waterproof mascaras, those need oil to break down that's the whole point of them. On the effectiveness scale it's behind Bioderma's, but still works well. It removes the makeup well, but those more longlasting formulas (liquid lipsticks for example) need some extra rubbing. Did I notice any changes in the condition of my combination skin? Well it didn't break me out (my current Nivea's one does) and it leaves the skin bare, so it's not nourishing, which might work for oily skin, but not for dry. It's scented, I'm not sure if the sensitive version is too, but I appreciate a scented product. This one has a lovely fresh floral fragrance, like a high end perfume, I think it's mostly lilies-of-the-valley. The bottle is quite hard, which makes it harder to squeeze, but it does drip out fast. 
Available online on Mediforma where it costs 5.20 € (100 ml), bigger bottle exist as well. It's also sold in pharmacies.

Hyséac R Restructruing Skin-Care
Obnavljajoča in pomirjevalna emulzija

This is a moisturiser that was designed for skin that has undergone a medication treatment for acne (such as Accutane/ Roaccuane for example). It contains Cerasterol -2F that helps rebuild and reinforce the cutaneous barrier, while TLR2-Regul acts on blemishes and reinforces the skin's protective barrier function.  I have a family member that was on Roaccutane for a while and I can say it's pretty brutal on the skin. Basically what those medications do is almost stop the glands from producing oil, which moisturises the skin. So it dries up like crazy and these effect do linger in a milder form for years, but you truly are left with completely clear skin. I wish this existed back them because we had the hardest time finding a suitable moisturiser (oil was the first choice). My skin hasn't undergone such an intensive treatment, I never needed it, so perhaps it's not the best choice for me, but it's quite nourishing, yet it doesn't sit on the skin, instead it sinks in very fast. It can be used under makeup because of that. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's ok. I hoped it might help heal some of those pesky blemish marks that seem to last forever, but I haven't seen much improvement. It also didn't prevent any new spots from forming, so my skin hasn't been behaving itself like it usually does with my regular skin care. 

The packaging is a classic, soft tube, but it only has a twist off cap. Personally I prefer flip caps, just because it's easier to use. If you are taking any of those medications that treat acne, check this moisturiser out as it might be just what you need to care for your skin.
Available online on Mediforma where it costs 13.75 € (40 ml). It's also available in pharmacies.

Have a great day!

*if you didn't catch it in the text - both products were sent to me.
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