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I'm always trying new anti-dandruff shampoos as I have been suffering from dandruff since I was 11. I have been at the dermatologist, but she didn't give me anything, she just said I should keep trying different shampoos until I find one that works. I believe Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Sensitive Treatment Shampoo is a newcomer on the market. I've had Vichy's anti-dandruff shampoo before, but this version is sulphate, paraben and colour free. I've been using it for 8 weeks so far and I'm not impressed at all.

Texture: a clear, runny gel consistency. It doesn't foam upon first application, which I find annoying, but it does on the second, though not a lot. As at L'Occitane's Repairing shampoo, I have to use a lot of shampoo for it do anything at all, so a bottle doesn't last long, especially if you're one of those who washes their hair every day.
Performance: It's a sulphate free shampoo which means it's very gentle, but that also means it doesn't manage to remove all the build up and flakes which is essential if you have dandruff. The light, very basic formula doesn't do anything for my hair and it leaves it a bit dry. In terms of anti-dandruff abilities, it's not at all effective on my scalp. It didn't help cure dandruff, but it's very gentle on my scalp and it doesn't irritate or leave it itchy unlike L'Oreal's Ever Riche sulphate free shampoo. This leaves my hair insanely tangled. Normally, a wide tooth comb just glides through my hair after being washed and there isn't a tangle in sight (I comb it before applying conditioner because I noticed that then I use much, much less conditioner), but with this all I can do is slap on a massive amount of conditioner and wait for it to loosen the tangles.

Scent: a fresh pharmacy-ish peppermint one. I quite like it.  

Price and availability: 13.05€ in a pharmacy.

I don't like it. It doesn't clean well, doesn't foam, makes my hair ridiculously tangled, does nothing in terms of curing dandruff and I used it up way too fast. The light texture makes it appropriate for most types of hair and it is gentle, but that's it. As far as anti-dandruff shampoos go, I haven't found one that would actually work, but honestly, I prefer shampoos with sulphates because they actually clean well and I notice no difference between regular and sulphate free shampoos in terms of how gentle they are to my scalp. I know there is this whole hype about sulphate free shampoos that are supposed to be better for us with dandruff, but I had much better shampoos with sulphates and I had some sulphate free shampoos that really irritated my scalp. My dermatologist assured me that sulphates are fine and sulphate allergy is rare. I also like silicones in my shampoo because it make the hair a lot more manageable, so shampoo was really a miss for me.

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