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There has been a hype about these blushes since I started getting into makeup ten years ago and we actually had Wet n Wild in one of the department stores (Nama). Mind you it was about three or four packaging changes ago and I remember having it on my wishlist when it was silver, but the only thing I managed to get my hands on back then was their Mega Glo stripy highlighter (which was useless). So I finally got a chance to try one, not in the shade I'd pick for my skin tone, but it's still nice. At least I got to see if these really are worth the hype. Well, I can see it being very special back then, when there was a handful of useful blushes in the drugstore ranges (Bourjois and Deborah were popular in Slovenia, but I disliked both), but now they have quite a strong competition. They're good, but so are Catrice's, Jordana's and Milani's - amazing how far drugstore quality has come.

Texture: It's a soft, pigmented blush, not unlike Catrice's, but it doesn't have the high-end feel of theBalm's or Nars' version as it's to be expected. My Ecotools brush quickly picks up enough colour for my pale cheeks and it blends nicely. 

Colour: Apri-Cot in the Middle is by far the peachiest blush I own, so I need to a be a bit more tan if I want it to give me that fresh look, so I think it's more of a shade made for medium and warm skin tones. The blush has an excellent golden glow that looks like some Mary-Lou highlighter was mixed in. I never tried Luminoso, but based on other people's description, I suspect it could be similar. I hope you can see a least some glow on my cheeks, but these things are so hard to pick up with a camera, anyway in person it's quite strong. By the way I applied a lot of it here because I'm used to my camera phone, which doesn't pick up blushes well, but this photo is taken with Olympus.

Staying power: It lasts ok on the cheeks. It's not outstanding, but fine.

Packaging: Wet n Wild certainly likes to change their blush packaging a lot, so I wonder how long this one will last, though in the last change they upgraded the amount of product, which is very praise-worthy. The blush comes in a simple plastic packaging and has a mini brush.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic where it costs 3.99 €.

If you're looking for some serious glow, you'll love this. It's nicely pigmented and looks great on the cheeks, so it's no wonder it holds such a high rating on cosmetic forums. It really is a lovely, budget buy.

Have a great day!

*PR product. Sort of.
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